Sonntag, 8. September 2013

478 | Imposter

ART by Matti Freeman

I am the imposter of my own limitations.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to keep myself imprisoned within self-definitions and value-judgments that keep me inferior and limited, wherein I am not accepting myself, I am not giving me the right to life, I find me flawed and thus I sabotage myself and punish me with words in my mind and thought patterns and ideas about me – wtf.

All minds do this, with various ‘coping mechanisms’, but in the end any and all mechanisms are ensuring one thing only: that the accepted definition of ourselves, our self-image, remains intact, whether that is a ‘positive’ one or a ‘negative’ one – it’s all based on a flawed value-system and a ‘logic’ of interpretation that only serves its own ‘validation’ as what it’s defined itself as: the self-image, the ‘who I am’ as a system within a system of survival.

Every mind consciousness system design is automated in a way that it preserves itself, and it evolves only within the bounds and angles of its own design. 
Thing is, we ARE it, thus it is about realizing that what we are ‘defending’ is in fact our limitations, and we do that out of fear of change, out of fear of responsibility, out of fear of actual power because that in fact would proportionally increase responsibility.

We have thus to in self-honesty understand the mechanisms of our own minds, the motives behind it, the unconscious/subconscious fears and desires that drive us – to understand self-creation in fact, investigate all things and keep the good, and forgive the bad in realization of what it would take to transcend them, to let them go, then live that process of change and be the one that stands as directive authority and lives this life, in the context of life as a whole.

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