Montag, 2. September 2013

476 | LOVE [thy neighbor as] THYSELF

How can we love our neighbor, how can we really love, when we even judge ourselves within our minds or judge others within our minds, yet we hardly approach even ourselves from a starting-point of integrity, of real care, interest, insight, understanding, support.

There exists no self-equality currently but the equality of ourselves to and as  the system we have become – to the sum of patterns and the conditioned relationships and interconnections therein that define us/who we are within ourselves/our mind and thus within our mind-physical relationship, and that also determine who we are in life with everybody else – all based on and through our own acceptances and allowance, our own accepted definitions and judgments, concepts, perceptions and beliefs of superiority/inferiority, our accepted and allowed separation from the oneness of/as ourselves, from the oneness of life as a whole.
So we only ‘love’ or believe to love/want/care for that which will give us ‘validation’ or ‘justification’ for our existence or experience. Then we make ourselves subject to the relationships we create in our quest for whatever it is we are ‘seeking’, but not giving/living.

The key to actually living the process of self-honesty is in fact equality, the realization of equality and the living application of it. Equality is the end of all separation and judgment and value-definitions, and thus also the end of all seeking. Equality is also thus equal to self-responsibility in self-realization as life.
It is also the only ‘point’ from which actual self-movement emerges, actual evolution into and as integrity.


Love in equality
Honor in equality
Respect in equality
Value in equality
Care in equality
Support in equality




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