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473 | Becoming Aware of the Mind’s Busyness/Business

ART by Matti Freeman

I am sharing a perspective I shared with a person walking the DIP Lite. I saw that this person was developing self with every assignment, already in the first 5-6 days of the first practical step: writing.

The writing:
“I have been very busy for the last two nights, finally got back to the writing today. In reality nothing much has happened, but I found that since I have started to observe my own mind, I realized how unstable it is, it seems impossible to control it and understand how it works. I have started doing some concentration practice before sleep, but it is much harder than I thought. Lots of random memories such as embarrassment and regret, just keep on drag me away from reality. My brain is so noisy that I can't even hear from my heart...”

My perspective:

"You know, what you are now starting to see, observe, 'remember', and think and experience within/as the mind: has always been here – it is you. You are now simply beginning to become more directly aware of it, aware of what exists within you as you, how your mind functions, and who you are within it all.
Within this, consider that the mind is not an enemy – yes from a certain perspective we are our own worst enemy, lol, but – the mind/consciousness is/has become who we are, it’s all that we are currently, while in fact there is so much more to ourselves/our existence. Yet our awareness is currently only in, through and as the mind, so it IS ourselves. But we never got to understand all of ourselves as one and equal properly and completely. We never really learned to work with the mind, understand our thoughts, emotions and feelings, face our fears and reactions, see through our beliefs, etc. Thus the mind can in fact be our tool to self-realization.

We so often form reactions of suppression, denial, and inferiority/fear in relation to the mind and our experience(s) of/as consciousness and abdicate our self-relationship /our relationship to our mind as ourselves.
There are many reasons for this, but basically we never learned how to 'work with' our mind.
The mind is in fact a tool, and utilized correctly in self-honesty we can really get to know ourselves, realize our creation, realize what and how we have become, as well as realize self-responsibility - essentially getting ourselves to absolute self-honesty.

You can utilize breath awareness /breathing to support yourself – I suggest when taking the time to do you concentration practice as you say, to practice awareness as breath/breathing. That’s cool before sleep, and also whenever the mind becomes ‘too much’. You can train yourself in bringing yourself with your awareness ‘back here’ to the physical reality and out of the ‘round and round’ of the mind. You can do this ‘in the moment’, in the realization that "I am here. And I can work with what is here in every breath, breath by breath" –
to assist and support yourself to slow down.

So when the mind is busy you can utilize writing, which will assist in slowing down – since writing is a physical act that 'takes time', and change happens in real-time. And that is exactly the real-time we ultimately want ourselves want to walk: here in every moment, that’s where our real power is, to direct ourselves in self-honest self-responsibility, and we can work with 'what is here' in every moment, breath by breath.
Breathing – awareness as breath – will assist in the realization that, I breathe here, I am here, and thus I can take responsibility for what is here as myself, step by step, breath by breath.

'Writing your mind out' will also assist in getting yourself to more clarity, to 'calm down' so to speak, because instead of things moving round and round in the mind which tends to lead to an experience of 'feeling overwhelmed', you direct/move yourself to write them out, and so you can see them black on white (on paper, on the screen) and they no longer seem 'so big' / 'so much'.
You may for instance want to take notes of the memories or thought processes that have been coming up within you, and in the Lessons to come you can work on your writings with the tools that will be introduced.

So, I have seen you developing / expanding within and through your writing, and I'd suggest to, if you have the time, push yourself to work on your DIP assignments daily – this will assist you with stabilizing yourself through the physical act of writing, with developing self-movement/self-direction, and you will also sooner get to the tools and assignments introduced in the next lessons, so you can work with what you are facing within and as yourself.


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