Montag, 9. September 2013

481 | Goals and Negativity – Letting Go

Obviously negativity is not something one can afford if one has set goals or is in any way serious about making something out of one’s life.

While interestingly enough negativity pretends that ‘letting go’ is to give in to the negativity “because look you are so tired / you failed before / you’re just not good enough / just be happy with the way things are / you are not made for big things…” etc. etc. –
giving in to the negativity is in fact not a ‘letting go’ but a ‘holding onto’ all those ideas, value-judgments, limitations that one has accepted about oneself and reality. And within that, one in fact lets one’s life opportunity go, one is giving up on oneself, and using negativity to ‘justify’ why.

And obviously it’s not about covering up negativity with positivity, lol, we all know that doesn’t word, but there is something called self-forgiveness, and I find it’s the only real way of letting go, making a decision to change, and moving on, really moving self to stand-up, to live, to be good to oneself and to life, to appreciate this time here, appreciate every breath, realizing also that each breath is a building stone of ‘who I am’.

Interestingly enough, when we have set a goal and did not go for it fully, we end-up in regret or guilt, in other words in negativity, and that will make it more difficult for us to re-set the goal or set a new goal.
So it really begs the question who is thinking within our minds, and why things like how the mind functions and where thoughts and emotions come from is not taught as education, prevention, and support in this world.


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