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474 | Slowing Down to the Physical Real-Time

Here I share a chat with a trainee from the DIP course, first year.
(At this point I’d like to share how much it has assisted me to support others in their processes, as I have been supported. And it’s quite interesting that the perspective relevant to share with every unique interaction is often a perspective I am walking for myself and support myself in living/applying.)

Question: Currently, I write out every character what I see/realize from my internal conversations. But, I don't know how each character link with each other. Are those characters individual from each other?
My perspective:
Yes, cool, I understand you get to see/realize several characters - this is cool – in Lessons to come you’ll be able to utilize these writings together with the practical tools.
If you now have a look at the characters you listed you will see/realize a common denominator within all those characters: it's about self-righteousness.
Have a look at all you wrote:
1.the an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth character.
2.the being valued character.
3.the being fall victims character.
4.the being mistrust character.
Within self-righteousness - it entails the points of ego, blame, and the issue with value.
Generally yes, we have various personality designs and they are all interconnected - You will be seeing more and more into the connections/relationships of patterns/personalities etc. as you walk your process.
Patience, it is a process - we can't understand everything immediately, and the vital part of the process is to integrate within our practical/physical living that which we see, realize, the corrections, the solutions.

Question: Okay, so how I can identify whether the character belongs to the self-righteousness or not?
My perspective:
One could say that all / each character/personality exists within self-righteousness – because characters/personalities try to 'prove'/’validate’ their existence, a personality as self-definition wants to ‘win’, to be ‘right’, that’s why we get defensive or take things personally.
And then we have all the thoughts that get put together in the mind to form a ‘logic’ that will ‘explain’/ ‘reason’/ ‘justify’ the experience and opinion and ‘righteousness’ of the character(s).

Question: I see, you mean, no need to find out the biggest point, I just write out what I see/realise?
My perspective:
Yes - walk step by step - and make that which you find/see/realize in every step practical, applicable.
This process is not about knowledge - it's about understanding - and we get to understanding through living in self-honesty -- you will see everything in time - but you must give up the desire to see/to see ‘more’ – otherwise you are projecting yourself as ‘desire for more’ and within that accepting You Here as ‘less than’. But our power is in the breath, here in every moment.
Rather walk step by step and work with what is here in one breath, breath by breath.
Have patience with yourself.

Reply: Yes, I can see I need more patience for myself when I walk my process.
My perspective:
In terms of the characters you mention, all together they form the overall experience you are having - of yourself, of your life. You see? So from one perspective they are not separate –
yet they are separate from the perspective that they function automatically, without you being directive principle -
so as you now get to know yourself/your mind and how it functions and how the characters function through thoughts, feelings and emotions which they/you as characters act-out - you are realizing, aha so this is me / this is how this part of my experience functions, let me assess it/assess me from the starting-point of common-sense in self-honesty -
and you embrace it all as yourself and you change/transform it as yourself – then: no separation.

Reply: Yes, I "know" they are not separate but I can't describe/indentify them how they are interconnected currently, so I still need more patience for myself.
My perspective:
One practical suggestion: as you work with writing out these characters - you can always within writing/investigating ask the question 'why'? like, what would be the 'reward' for the character, what is the want, the motive, what are you looking for?
Within this you will find the ‘hidden’ motives / desires - and also fears / perceptions of lack -- so there you can start looking at how to practically Give to yourself that which you are looking for 'out there'.
Live here in every moment
Be the best for you, and the best for others
Keep it simple
That's how you walk the physical

Reply: Cool suggestion, I see/realise now
My perspective:
Cool, you see how through writing we 'walk the mind process' - but we still have to walk the 'physical process' - in the actual reality - here - breath by breath.
Actually, writing is already the first Physical step of bringing the mind 'here' - to see it, to face it, to embrace it as self and change it as best for self, as life, as all.

Reply: Yes, walking the directive principle within the physical.
My perspective:
Yes, thus, to slow down -
meaning - patience, not wanting, not projecting
slowing down to Here, the moment, the physical reality, to 'be here'
and work with 'what is here' = what you have/can see/understand - make it practical within how you LIVE
no need to over-complicate things - the mind may seem 'too much' - but we can only walk one point at a time.

Reply: Okay, thanks, yes slowing down is very important, the tool to slowing down is the Breath.

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