Montag, 9. September 2013

480 | Investigating the Value-Systems that define Self-Worth

ART by Kelly Posey

It's worth investigating the value-systems we define ourselves and the world by; it's worth investigating the value systems we accept to determine and define our self-worth, the value of life even.

An interesting perspective I looked at: the value-system through which we look at other people/our relationships – through which we in turn look at ourselves – can be used as mirror-reflection for us to realize how and within what we’ve defined ‘value’;
what value judgments we hold, what do we take personally, what do we make personal and why.
How we look at others and how we think others look at us: says a lot about who we are and accept ourselves to be.

The first thing to understand in the process of understanding the bigger picture, humanity, the world systems – is ourselves; to get to know ourselves and how we function and why, what equations have we accepted about ourselves and the world, and could it be that each one’s equations and relationships determine the bigger picture and the equations and value-systems we live under.
The system prevails because people are brainwashed extensively. Could it be that brainwashing goes much deeper than what one would imagine. Could it be that the same systems that exist without, exist within?
There’s judgment, morality, control on the one side and there’s the laissez-faire approach on the other side, there’s protests here and revolts there, there’s the markets crashing, there’s war being prepared – but we do not consider how these very ‘tactics’ exist within a single mind, a single mind that is trying to maneuver its host to the validation of its self-interest, to ‘winning’, to ‘surviving. Within and without, a lack of understanding, a lack of responsibility, a lack of insight in terms of consequences, in terms of cause and effect. Do we even really CARE?
So the value of life is in a way completely gone lost, if it ever existed, but it must exist because we are here and I do find it within myself to say “till here and no further” with this flawed value system where even our own value as life is being disregarded or misplaced, in fact even abdicated.
The only place to find that value is in self-realization as life; the only way to live that value is Here, with/within ourselves, as who we are and how we live, and how we approach and consider ourselves as life and others as life.
It’s simple – yet we’ve become so complicated with all our mental patterns and emotional dramas, with all that comparison and competition, constantly seeking for something, for value, for acceptance, for approval, in fact essentially for ourselves; all the while we are in fact here and the value of life can be here in every moment, if we will it, if we live it.

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