Montag, 9. September 2013

482 | Re-Defining the Word ‘Goal’ – Living Solutions

As the word ‘goal’ came to mind I looked at it first from a memory within my mind, where I had judged the word –
I had attached fear and negativity to it, because I had an experience with the word that was connected to negativity and fear, that was at school when I started observing that other pupils were being nasty to me because I was good in schools, I was like a person who “had goals”.
So I did investigate and forgive the memory and the implications of it; and within redefining/correcting the word, I look at the word Goal as Go-All – where I remove any and all projections like fear of failure or the desire to not fail lol, I remove any future projections for that matter and I utilize projections only in practical terms, to measure or estimate a result in the physical space-time based on the accumulation effect.
Once I have set a goal, I walk in writing the practical steps required, skills to train or develop, etc. – and then I walk the steps in physical space-time, step by step, Giving every step my All.
Then Goal becomes something I live in every moment, it becomes a living decision, as I align myself and my practical living towards walking that decision.

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