Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Day 494 | Do You JUDGE Yourself?

Do You Judge Yourself?
Asking this question, I suppose some people will tend to say or think: “Oh no, I really don’t judge myself!”

But what is judgment really?

We tend to think and believe that judgment only relates to words like ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘immoral’ and the various degrees thereof, and that to judge is limited to saying or thinking thoughts like “I am/they are bad / stupid / wrong / ugly...”  

But how about a thought like “Oh I will never make it” or “Oh what if they don’t accept me?” or “I’ll never have that in my life” or “What if they think I’m stupid?” or even things like “I’m afraid I won’t be up to that”.

So let’s have a look at this last sentence, because it’s an example of words or thoughts that will mostly not be seen as judgment/judging. But see, the very moment you think the thought or speak the words “I’m afraid I won’t be up to that” you have cast a judgment upon yourself: these words become your self-definition, and that becomes your starting-point for whatever it is you are referring to. Consequently, it becomes your outcome – cause and effect.

So, honestly, by accepting a thought like “I’m afraid I won’t be up to that” – How likely is it that one will fail or won’t be as effective or as successful as one could be, simply because one has within one’s mind and within one’s reality (through speaking and/or through acting or not-acting) already accepted that 1. “I am afraid” and 2. “I am inferior”. One has, per implication, placed oneself as ‘less than’ the task at hand.

From that perspective, what can be seen here is that all self-definitions, all perceptions and opinions are in fact a judgment, and thus consequently: a limitation.

What can further be seen is that a judgment – as a thought, a perception, an opinion – has the power, through OUR acceptance and allowance, to determine and control ‘who we are’ and who we can be!

So why give our power away to the conditioned and polarized perceptions of the mind consciousness system, instead of looking at things in self-honesty, seeing things for what they are, and utilizing every moment we are faced with constructively and in common sense. be continued.

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