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Day 493 | The Power of Imagination Makes us Infinite

As I was looking for some pictures for my previous blog posts (see Day 491 | Are You Travelling Without Moving? and Day 492 | Travelling Without Moving -part 2I found the following image

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and I really would like to address this point, also to show an example how we are mesmerized by ‘beautiful’ words and ideas, without however seeing, let alone considering, the consequences that the implications of such accepted words/ideas have on ourselves, our world, our reality.

Now let us for instance for a moment accept that ‘The Power of Imagination Makes us Infinite’. 
What happens when and as we accept such statement? 
Doesn’t that for one create the desire of ‘being infinite’, of somehow being ‘more than’ what we are, here and now? 
And doesn’t it prompt us to go ahead and use our imagination to create a ‘greater’, ‘infinite’ version of ourselves?

But does that version of ourselves really exist? 
And how much can we then truly CARE for the actuality of our reality, if most of the time we are busy in our imagination, travelling without moving?

Is it, you think, a coincidence that the religions of this world promote an ‘afterlife’ and push people into projecting their ‘salvation’ and a ‘better world’ into ‘life after death’? 
Who benefits if the PEOPLE of this world are caught up in their minds, ‘living’ in imaginative realities, separating themselves from what is here as this one reality we share?

So I’d suggest to anyone reading this now to ask yourself these/such questions and to investigate how you use your imagination and why. 

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