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Day 496 | Do You Judge You, or Do You Create You?

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Day 494 | Do You JUDGE Yourself?
Day 494 | Do You JUDGE Yourself?
Day 494 | Do You JUDGE Yourself?
Day 494 | Do You JUDGE Yourself?

Here I am having a look at the implications and consequences of judgment / self-judgment.

Perhaps it’s easier to start with looking at the point of ‘judging others’. What I realized is that every time I judge another – and remember, this is both ‘negative’ AND ‘positive’ judgments- opinions- ideas- perceptions – I am limiting them to mainly that ONE point I perceive them as. Within this, I am in fact taking away from them, and from me, the opportunity to see another for who they are, with all their strengths and weaknesses.

So what can be seen here is that every opinion –idea –perception we hold in our minds about another is in itself a judgment; And that every judgment is an act of limitation, an act that takes away the opportunity to look at something with an ‘open mind’.

When we look at something/someone through the lens of judgment, we disable ourselves from seeing things for what they are, in their entirety.
By judging others, we can’t see them for who they are, and we can’t see/ realize/ understand how they came to be who and how they are. But that would be the only way in which we are able to truly assist and support another in their life/situation, and/or to learn from others / learn from others’ lives and within this accelerate our own processes, thus equally supporting ourselves and others to grow, expand, and flourish to the utmost potential.

Looking at self-judgment, we can see that it’s no different really to the point of ‘judging others’.
From the perspective that, when we judge ourselves – and again: this goes both for ‘negative’ AND ‘positive’ judgment – we limit ourselves and take away the opportunity of seeing beyond the judgment.
I mean, it should be obvious: Whenever I hold an opinion/idea/thought/belief about myself – all of that being in essence: judgment – I accept and allow that opinion/idea/thought/belief to define me, and within that: to control me, my behaviour, my decisions, my choices. Within that, thus, I limit myself, and abdicate the directive principle through and as which I’d be able to in self-honesty look at all my options and all relevant points and make a constructive decision that will truly assist and support me in growing and expanding myself toward my full potential.

So, what I am actually saying here is: We either JUDGE ourselves, or we CREATE ourselves.
And it’s fascinating that when we judge something / someone / ourselves, we in a way feel righteous and powerful, but truly: We have no influence on that which we judge, because judgment in itself is powerlessness, is limitation, is separation, and most importantly it is lack of understanding.

As long as we judge something, we do not have the power to change it.
As soon as we understand it, as soon as we see and embrace it in equality and oneness: we have the power to CHANGE it.

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