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Day 497 | What do Your Judgments say about You?

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Day 495 | Do You Think Positive Judgment is Innocent?
Day 496 | Do You Judge You, or Do You Create You?

In the previous posts we’ve looked at some examples of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ judgments, as in for instance:

 “I’m afraid I won’t be up to that”
How likely is it that one will fail or won’t be as effective or as successful as one could be, simply because one has within one’s mind and within one’s reality (through speaking and/or through acting or not-acting) already accepted that 1. “I am afraid” and 2. “I am inferior”. One has, per implication, placed oneself as ‘less than’ the task at hand.


“I am the most attractive female/male in this gathering”
Now why would one have such a thought in the first place? Let’s see:
What would happen if one was not the most attractive male/female? What if there were males/females there in comparison to whom one would find oneself ‘less attractive’? Do you see where I’m getting to? And isn’t such a ‘positive’/’superior’ thought (“I am the most attractive female/male in this gathering”) merely revealing a hidden inferiority of self, indicating per implication that “...phew, I won’t have to worry about competition” or “I won’t have to feel inferior or threatened” etc. So the ‘positive’ experience merely covers-up a suppressed or hidden ‘negative’ experience; and a ‘positive’ judgment is equally a judgment as a ‘negative’ one.

So the point that I would like to emphasize here is that our judgments never in fact define OTHERS; our judgments (even if directed/addressed toward others) always only reveal who WE are.

And if you can see what I’m saying here, don’t go OMG I am so full of judgement, lol, really – we all are. Our education systems and our consumerism societies – our entire world system of profit – depends upon us judging ourselves and each-other and thus disempowering ourselves and each-other. I mean, if the world existed of individuals standing in self-worth and valuing self and each-other as life: this world would be a whole different place, wouldn’t it?

So it is simply to see and acknowledge the fact, and from here to look into understanding how the problem is created, as it is from here that we are able to move towards creating and living solutions –
solutions that will be self-empowering, solutions that will support LIFE and Living and not systems of separation and abuse.

It is simply to understand the point of judgment/judging and how it in fact only defines ‘the judge’ (=our own minds).

So don’t just start suppressing or even judging the judgments that you see coming up in your mind, lol, but simply realize that we can practically utilize our own judgments to learn and understand ourselves and our own minds, to see and realize our own acceptances and allowances and the polarities and value-systems we keep in place within ourselves /our minds, as well as to acknowledge where, when, how and why we give our power away to such mental constructs, and what the consequences are in our lives and the lives of others.

So this is an interesting dimension to look at (what our judgments actually reveal of ourselves), and it is something we can use from the starting-point of seeing what our judgments reveal FOR ourselves, meaning: 
turning the judgement into a gift, and thus turning the ‘problem’ into a ‘solution’.

We can within that utilize what we’ve come to see, realize and understand through our introspection and the self-honest investigation of our own judgments as a GIFT for ourselves –
a gift with which we can assist and support ourselves to expand, to grow, to change; to in fact start (re-)creating ourselves in AWARENESS.

Another interesting point to look at in this context is:
What is it that we are, generally, saying when we are judging?

We are saying either that we ‘like’ or that we ‘dislike’ something-something. What does THAT say? It says that we either want something to CHANGE or that we want something to NOT-CHANGE; and looking at this last one point more specifically it’s actually about that we FEAR something/someone changing.

Interesting, no?
So judgment/judging boils down to the polarity of Wanting/Desiring something/someone to change (because we judged it in some way as ‘negative’) and Fear of something/someone changing (because we judged that something/someone in some way as ‘positive’, and we now fear losing that ‘positive’).

So this is an interesting point to take into consideration when investigating our judgments.

What we can also see here is that judgment is always about the point of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, it’s about a ‘more than’ and a ‘less than’ – thus it is always about ‘value’.
Could it be that there is something wrong with our value systems? Where do they even come from?

Understanding our value-systems and understanding how POLARITY works within ourselves (Mind system) and our reality (World system) is of great support, and I will expand more on this point in blogs to come. 

For the moment, I end this post with a reminder:

We either JUDGE ourselves, or we CREATE ourselves.
And it’s fascinating that when we judge something / someone / ourselves we in a way feel righteous and powerful, but truly: We have no influence on that which we judge, because judgment in itself is powerlessness, is limitation, is separation, and most importantly it is lack of understanding.
As long as we judge something, we do not have the power to change it.
As soon as we understand it, as soon as we see and embrace it in equality and oneness: we have the power to CHANGE.

Interestingly enough, we are ALWAYS the ones CREATING ourselves, creating our experiences.

The question is:
are we creating in self-directive AWARENESS and Self-Responsibility, or are we creating indirectly through our ignorance and denial, through all that which we unquestionably accept and allow to come up and exist within our minds, ourselves, our lives, without our awareness being the directive authority?


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