Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Day 495 | Do You Think Positive Judgment is Innocent?

Another interesting point to consider is that judgment or self-judgment doesn’t only include ‘negative’ definitions, it also includes ‘positive’ ones.

For instance, say you go to a party and you look at all the other people of the same sex as yourself, and then you have the thought “I am the most attractive female/male in this gathering”.
Now why would one have such a thought in the first place? Let’s see:

What would happen if one was not the most attractive male/female? What if there were males/females there in comparison to whom one would find oneself ‘less attractive’? 
Do you see where I’m getting to? 
And isn’t such a ‘positive’/’superior’ thought (“I am the most attractive female/male in this gathering”) merely revealing a hidden inferiority of self, indicating per implication that “...phew, I won’t have to worry about competition” or “I won’t have to feel inferior or threatened” etc.
So the ‘positive’ experience merely covers-up a suppressed or hidden ‘negative’ experience; and a ‘positive’ judgment is equally a judgment as a ‘negative’ one.

So what can be seen here is an interesting point with regards to judgment, and that is that any idea one holds about oneself and/or others is in fact a JUDGMENT per se.

But let’s have a look at how to change ‘positive’ judgment into something constructive and supportive, something that does not create consequences for self and others.

In the above example where we judge ourselves in ‘positive’ light, I would simply forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to compare myself to others, for accepting and allowing myself to want/nee/desire to be the ‘most attractive’; forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that such want, need and desire and consequently such judgment merely reveals an accepted inferiority within myself, where I hadn’t embraced myself and accepted my self-worth and my value as life but was instead seeking value in external and perceptual attributes, through mental comparisons, in separation from myself.

In the case we judge others in ‘positive’ ways, wherein mostly there is a form of envy or jealousy involved (consciously or unconsciously), the way to transform such judgments into gifts is to firstly stop the comparison, forgive ourselves the perception of lack/lacking, and simply have a practical look at what qualities it is that we admire in another to see how we can support ourselves to learn, expand, grow; and how we can find and develop the particular qualities within ourselves. be continued.

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