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Day 498 | When Gloomy is Loony and Mood is Doom

From my previous post:
"Understanding our value-systems and understanding how POLARITY works within ourselves (Mind system) and our reality (World system) is of great support, and I will expand more on this point in blogs to come"

So I’ve listened to this fascinating interview series @eqafe and I was quite amazed to realize that in my life I was stuck within an experience of Gloominess, without even really being aware of it!
How can that be possible?! And yet here I was, listening to this and to the description of the experience of Gloominess and I was like, omg wtf, it all makes sense now…

What I find most fascinating within this particular interview series on Gloomy/Gloominess is that it –just by the way- demonstrates the BIPOLAR nature of consciousness and how we tend to trap ourselves within the polarities of the mind, within this missing the practical solutions that are right here, if we’d only see things for what they are and ask ourselves the right questions.

If one has some critical reasoning skills, one is able to apply the insights and understanding from this point (the gloomy and bipolar nature of consciousness) in order to understand many other aspects and experiences of one’s life.

Here are some questions that are being addressed within this series:

Part 1 Gloomy: Introduction

How do you create the experience of Gloominess in your Mind and Body?
Why is Gloominess more of an ‘experience’ that is created in the Mind than an ‘emotional energy’?
How is the relationship between the Mind, your Beingness and the Physical Body involved in creating the experience of Gloominess?
How are dimensional shifts involved with creating the experience of Gloominess?
What are dimensional shifts?

Part 2 Gloomy: Disconnected

-From what dimension of interconnectedness do you disconnect and how does this disconnection play a role in contributing to the experience of Gloominess?
-How does your beingness ‘disconnect’ from the physical body and what role does your beingness’ relationship to the Mind play within this?
-How can you use the experience of Gloominess to cross-reference the extent to which you accepted and allowed a ‘disconnect’ to manifest in the trinity-relationship between the mind, beingness and physical body?

Part 3 Gloomy: When You are Gloomy

-How does the Mind Consciousness System ‘record’ all the reactions that you have participated in in the Mind and what is the relationship between these recorded reactions and the experience of Gloominess?
-What is the difference between Gloominess and Depression?
-Why is it that most people are actually in a state of Gloominess and how can you practically assist and support yourself to identify where, when and how the Gloominess experience manifests within you?

Part 4 Gloomy: Moods and Dooms

-How does the experience of Gloominess contribute to the moods you experience from day to day?
-When you disconnect from a part of yourself in the Mind, how does the Mind use the energy involved in this disconnection process and channel it into the experiences of high and low moods?
-Why does the experience of Gloominess directly influences your physical experience and living, which is why with Gloominess your process will first start with practical application change?

Part 5 Gloominess: Letting Go

-Why do things exist in your Mind that you are afraid of facing and how can you support yourself to change and transcend these things within your Mind?
-Why do the things that you disconnect from within your Mind manifest as supressions that contribute to the experience of Gloominess and further compromise your mind, body and the outside world?
-Where do you start with the Self Forgiveness process in relation to supporting yourself to release yourself from Gloominess?

In my next post I will address one polarity that I have encountered within my mind when I, through Writing, looked at my living application of the particular point. It will be about the polarity of ‘fear of loss’ & the desire/need for ‘control’.

Stay tuned.

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