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483 | The B.I.G. Story of L.I.G. – Living Income Guaranteed for an Equal Life Foundation

Here I am doing a review of how within the Desteni group and in the process of grounding our realizations more and more ‘to the earth’ and practical reality as well as expanding our horizon in terms of self-realization as life: we developed the equal money system as the ‘ultimate’ best-for-all model so to speak, for a sustainable best-for-all coexistence on earth based on the principle of oneness and equality of life.
Best-for-all seen through practical common sense and exploring how to apply it and practically live it, that was how the equal money system was developed. The same principle is at the core of our BIG/LIG proposal, a proposal that is taking into consideration where we are as humanity and the world system, as the currently lived definition of capitalism and within that the consequences for and compromise of: Life.

A transformation / evolution of the system obviously would require an evolution / transformation of human consciousness into common sense and a self-willed movement out of the fear-state, but unfortunately the current system as a whole is so ingrained within our very existence (with all its fears and desires, all the uncertainty and mistrust, all the polarities of superiority and inferiority, all the disinformation and mind control) that who we are and how we are as human consciousness is locked-into survival-mode and based on the fake values of a skewed value-system that completely disregards the value of life.

One will see that before going into the BIG/LIG, we focused on Human Rights because that is basically where the value of life is being practically described and ensured to be honored and supported – see the Equal Life Foundation and the mission statement / Bill of Rights.

Human Rights and the violations of human rights is directly related to Money. Currently, money is the blood of the system. And the soul of money is the blood of the people. We currently have a system that costs the blood of innocents by placing profit / self-interest before life.

Human Rights cannot exist in the current system, it is not working. Yet human rights, life as the value – that should, in all common sense, be the foundation, the very value that should be honored, supported, cared for.

It is clear that to restore the value of life within the world and thus within how the system works and functions, we as humanity, human beings, must investigate and understand what has become of the value of life, we must assess our individual existence and collective coexistence / living and restore the value of life within/as self and each-other as self, in practical living, for real.

The Equal Life Foundation lays the principles for an equal ‘life foundation’ to exist factually for each life on this earth to have an equal opportunity to be free, to live, express and expand, and to be supported. Human Rights and the value of life must be the starting-point of any solution for our existence on earth. In our world we require a solid foundation for our existence as humanity, as mankind in this one physical reality we all share. Obviously that foundation must be ourselves and how we work together as equals towards establishing best-for-all solutions in a process of re-evaluating and re-defining the systems, our world system functionings, our relationships, our co-existence, into a way of life/living that will ensure the dignity of life and will no longer compromise life, which includes all of us; a way of living that no more accepts or allows the exploitation of life in the name of profit, or in any other name for that matter.

What we saw with the equal money system model as we walked this global online movement – is that people were not ready to embrace equal life, equal value, equal responsibility, equal power. We came across all sorts of reactions, and were faced with all sorts of interpretations and assumptions, from communism to scam, when in fact the message is clear and covers all aspects of practical living. There is for instance a wiki page with details of the equal money system, and for the BIG/LIG we have the website with a series of articles that build a structural perspective of How the current system can be changed to not only smoothly facilitate a living income for all but also allow for the economy to truly flourish and to function constructively and no longer destructively, for the first time really – presenting essentially a win-win solution for our world and how to get there. 

So who is gonna bring it into the world, lol, well things are moving, we are moving, and there are young people busy studying and getting involved in politics, and obviously at this point again the necessity of everyone so to speak becoming involved, because obviously the world is not gonna change by itself, the system is not gonna change by itself. So we should all work together, and indeed people are starting to wake up and stand up. Fascinatingly enough it is the ‘free will’ of man that determines the course of humanity, so we have to find the will and the freedom within ourselves to align our will to be the will of life, not the will of a system, of conditioning, of fear, of separation, of abuse.

So back to the Basic Income Guaranteed (BIG, now LIG) – yes that was how we moved-on after equal money and after an assessment of the current human consciousness response to the equality model. We had obviously already investigated the basic income model in the context of the equal money movement, and we did follow and look-into the research done in Namibia with the Basic Income Grant. Many blogs were written on this, and here it’s cool to see/realize that all these models and movements emerge through people from all around the world realizing common ground, seeking common sense, finding one common interest – life; and working together, formulating solutions, writing blogs, re-assessing and re-evaluating the accepted values and ways of this world, challenging ourselves, cross-referencing, looking at things from a starting-point of best-for-all, how can this be done, etc. That’s how we walked this and that’s how we keep walking it.

Could it be that the world is formed through what people do with each-other? Could it be that groups determine the world? Could it be that if we stand as one group, as one humanity, as one life, we are the 99% and stand as the will of life?

Back to basic income: it’s a concept that goes quite far back in history, and we did like the B.I.G. idea and so we started walking the Basic Income Guaranteed, which became the Living Income Guaranteed.
In Namibia, where the B.I.G. was applied and tested, the basic income was really just ‘basic’; it did make a big difference and did have an impact on most social issues the community was facing, but the system did not change: there is a community that is ‘functional’ in terms of basic needs but is still controlled and exploited in the bigger picture. So instead of equal opportunity that was more like a form of charity. Yet I support the concept of a ‘basic income’ from the perspective that it is a first step towards realization of equal opportunity, of the principle of equality. Another point is that a certain, sufficient, and consistent/stable income would allow and support every human being to be living, and not to be just surviving. And with quality of life, the fear is much less, and with less fear it is easier to live. Without fear human beings are more likely to stand, to move things, to work together, to make a difference. A basic income, a living income, will free people from much of the existent fear.
The B.I.G. model (basic income grant, or unconditional basic income) remains within the bounds of survival however, it does not change the system as such.

The current system wants us to keep surviving, this way the system survives. While you are surviving the system makes your decisions for you. But once you are living you will make your own decisions in self-honesty and you’ll be clear and in a way ‘at peace’ because you know who you are, you know you are here, you know only you can move yourself, and you know you always only have one breath at a time, lol. And with a living income you will have more time and the peace to tend to the things that matter, like getting to know yourself and others in your world, exploring your social relations, your opportunities, your talents, skills and abilities, making collaborations, working together, understanding how the system/world works and thus how to change it, bringing in new ideas –
 anything is possible because you have a living income, you have time, you have the freedom to decide what you want to do with this life, who are you going to be, what will be your contribution, to yourself, as a human being in this world.
Human Rights is paramount.
And Human Rights is something that must be lived, applied, manifested into existence, and transformed from a theoretical/mind-perspective into a living humanity.

Moving to Living Income Guaranteed instead of ‘basic income guaranteed’ was from my perspective also cool because it’s about transforming the system on the basis of human rights, with life as the value – it’s about LIVING, not just surviving!
So here with LIG we come from the Equal Money / Equal Life movement, which has been about Living as well. We are not coming from the basic income movement. We support basic income from the perspective of Human Rights and the principle of Equality, and at the same time we show a different approach to the application of the basic income concept, as well as show ways of practical implementation and the outflows thereof.

The Basic Income initiative demands an unconditional basic income but it does not change the system as such.
And, it’s not about basic income alone. So we have basically redefined ‘basic income’ to ‘living income’, both  in terms of its purpose as described above (‘to live’ and ‘participate’ in ‘living’ and thus ‘create life’) and also from the perspective that it’s not unconditional; for instance if you own a house and have a well-paying job then you don’t need a living income. Note here the suggestion to set the ‘living wage’ (currently the ‘minimum wage’) at double the living income, for instance if the living income is 2,000 Euro per month, the living wage must be set to 4,000 Euro per month. So, this opens up a whole new perspective and gives enough incentive for work/employment. On how capitalism can be ‘saved’ and how businesses will benefit and how this model is a win-win for humanity on earth: read as well as the rest of the Blogs at where basically the How-to’s of the Living Income Guaranteed model are shared, providing a solid skeleton on which to build and specify, form and manifest.

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