Samstag, 26. März 2016

588 | ‘Lifting the veils’ – transcending our self separation

Continuing from my previous posts [581 - 587] I wanted to share a little bit about a certain point and the experience through which I had to walk within it.

This point is in relation with studying and integrating new information that I was coming across and that was initially beyond my current view/understanding of the world.
I found that initially I wasn’t giving it much time/effort other than the going over the information and taking it in, it wasn’t very tangible to me, although it made absolute sense in terms of context and alignment.
With time, it started getting easier to place the information into more practical context, but still it all seemed ‘too big’ to grasp or to seriously consider applying as self. So it did take me a while to truly “kick-start” and it had been a process where I constantly had to push through my inner resistances and comfort zones.

It’s been a long process with many resistances, but I kept pushing through my mind patterns and limitations and also challenging myself where I was being challenged by others and the knowledge/information they share. So I just kept on wanting to understand, and as I kept studying the material and getting involved, I’ve been able to establish really cool communications and better integration and insight of the subject and the learning processes (though I should rather say un-learning, lol).

I am sharing this because it seems like this point is layered into our beingness as literally a ‘system-protection’, where the ‘old’ system, the ‘old’ ways (aka conflict, separation, war, divide & conquer, superiority-inferiority power-games, blame, etc., read: ego consciousness and the world as we know it) is always defended, protected, taken into ‘defense’. And there is resistance toward everything that challenges our beliefs or that goes beyond our accepted limitations.
I can’t say when exactly the point ‘turned’ for me where I now was able to see/hear and get what is being presented and applied, and also that all of that is applicable to me and everyone equally – in awareness as life. But it definitely has been a long process, longer than I was even aware of walking.

I want to try and describe my experience within it, as I believe others may be able to relate. For me it was something literally like a ‘veil’, as if there’s an ‘invisible wall’, but what's on the other side is barely touching your awareness. And when it does: the system-protection kicks-in, in its unique expression/form that is ‘you’. You go into ‘defense’. It happens on the resonant level.
So it’s been a physical experience for me the whole time while the points weren’t conscious / weren’t in my awareness from the beginning, in fact most of the time I wasn't even aware I was walking a path toward this point, this current awareness and alignment.
However I have now seen and proven that it is possible to ‘overcome’ or move beyond that ‘something’ that has the power and the hold to have people not see/realize the depth of what is here as ourselves, and how it’s all intricately interconnected, within as without.
But it's very interesting how that works, there is really a veil existent that keeps us holding onto that which we idolize and believe in (for whatever reason) and that keeps us from seeing/hearing beyond what we already know/perceive – and the source of this veil is ourselves, it is SELF, and our own relationship to the mind within and the world without.

So I hope that by sharing this here it will assist others to consider that even though such veils exist as the limitations we had accepted and allowed of ourselves and our world, where we compromised life’s full potential, OUR full potential as life – we do have the tools to accelerate our ‘break-through’ and push through resistances to transcend the separation we had accepted and allowed, so that we ‘return to source’ and take directive principle in self responsibility as life for life.

In the next post I will share some self forgiveness to further deconstruct such constructs that I’ve faced in this process and have been walking through since, so as to release myself from the boundaries and limitations of such constructs, fictions, and frictions and to truly live my full potential as a living being – sourcing and creating from that the change I want to see in the world.

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