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586 | You don’t become enlightened by imagining light, but by becoming aware of the darkness

…because only then can you CHANGE it

In my last post In defense of my enlightenment I concluded that there’s nothing really to say ‘in defense of enlightenment’ other than that true enlightenment exists as our life awareness, our true being, our amalgamation with and responsibility for everything that is here as our existence – within and without.

We could define ‘enlightenment’ as the self realization and manifestation of our full potential as living beings, individually and collectively.

An enlightened world/existence to me would entail care, equality, transparency, respect, wisdom, sharing… a CO-EXISTENCE in HARMONY, where no-one is harmed and all life is honored and free to live, express, create, expand.

It was well put when it was said that in reality, nothing is hidden and never has been, it's all ‘hidden in plain sight’; so what is the real key – it is that we have been unaware and only caught up in the internal hologram of our minds and the mind consciousness system / world control system, and now we are walking into awareness and becoming equal, to stabilize ourselves within and as it all, to now take directive principle and direct it to what is best for all.

A world where war and inequality, suffering and exploitation, deception and control no longer exist because they are no longer being entertained, impacted, accepted – that would be an enlightened world, in fact. Where the ‘darkness’ of ourselves would have been transcended and no longer manifests into reality.

The real ‘evil’ thus, the real ‘enemy’ is within, it is the mind/mined system of ego consciousness within and as a polarity trap; But more than that, it is in our relationships. 

Because the world exists as relationships – life exists as relationships. There is so much potential within this realization, and it is up to us to live it into creation, into existence, into beingness.

So, finding ways to co-exist in true freedom, care, responsibility, peace, creativity and abundance for all – that is utterly crucial. Especially at this point in time, here on earth.

The world around us is ‘breaking down’, the systems are crumbling and we need solutions.
So then our 'enlightenment' must entail understanding the 'dis-ease' that 'rules' this existence and manifests the 'human condition', and taking responsibility for its transformation and transcendence into new ways that support LIFE; to realize our full potential in awareness as living beings of life, as creators.

Coming back to the quote by Carl Gustav Jung

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.”

it is also indicating that there is a difference between imagination/consciousness and reality/awareness; 
as well as a difference between the ‘light’ of the mind and the ‘darkness’ of the physical.

Our current reality is darkness manifest. It is the evil, the worst of ourselves and our world, made real in all kinds of ways and forms. Our imagination/consciousness of ‘grandeur’ has created the monstrosity of our world as we know it and our experience within it.

The light that we’ve been seeking for in our desire to ‘change the world’ or ‘meet the savior’ or ‘be saved’… must be realized within self, as self – within our awareness AS LIFE and response-ability FOR LIFE – and birthed into existence as truly and substantially good; self-empowered, all-considering, creative, sustainable. We must be the source of the change, individually and collectively. 

See even of our damnation, in which we currently find ourselves in as humanity, we are the source.

We ARE the source of what is here, even though we may not ‘re-member’ how. And this may seem like the ‘chicken and the egg’ paradox to you, but in accepting ourselves as the ‘source’ we take self responsibility and place ourselves in a position of directive principle, of ‘giving’, of living, of standing one and equal with creation itself.

So we need to self reflect and take responsibility for, thus transcend in awareness, the darkness in our minds; the fear in our body; the evil in our ways; and make the light physical, thus real, as that which is truly good as best for LIFE.


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