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585 | In defense of my enlightenment

"In defense of my enlightenment" That’s a somewhat twisted title that I’m using in a humorous way, so let me show you how this came about (and it’s got to do with the word ‘defense’)

In a group we were discussing a quote by Carl Gustav Jung: 

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.”

(I read conscious as in: aware; and enlightened as in: full disclosure/ seeing/ knowledge/ understanding/ insight/ realization, or full potential.)
I suggested that we can redefine ‘enlightenment’ as in shedding light on and making transparent everything that is here – within and without – so that nothing is 'hidden'/in the 'dark' anymore.

A cool perspective that was shared was that in reality, nothing is hidden and never has been, it's all ‘hidden in plain sight’; so what is the real key – it is that we have been unaware and only caught up in the internal hologram of our minds and the mind consciousness system / world control system, and now we are walking into awareness and becoming equal, to stabilize ourselves within and as it all, to now take directive principle and direct it to what is best for all.

This perspective opened up further insight within me.
Also, in seeing this I re-membered one of the fundamental principles that I integrated in my life process so far, which is that everything is already here and always has been.
So now I had to ask myself the question, why are we not ‘enlightened’? Why are we seemingly ‘in the dark’? How did we manage to get caught up in the hologram of our fear and limitation, of our greed and lust, and to create a limited system out of ourselves? And perhaps more importantly, how do we keep remaining stuck in such system?

What then came up was an interesting point, namely the fact that, to some extent or another, we are always ‘in defense’ of what we think we know, of how we see the world, of what we value, of what we believe, perceive and accept as ‘real’. Being ‘in defense’ of our own limited world view and reality understanding, we keep ourselves ‘veiled’ from the whole picture and from the ability to expand our study and introspection of our existence. Welcome to a world of self-righteous sheep!

How do the ‘veils’ exist that ‘hide’ truth and reality from us? They exist by our own perception and permission, our acceptance and allowance, and our inferiority – in-fear of taking responsibility for everything that is here as it exists in its entirety.
By existing in a state of mind and being where we are constantly ‘in DEFENSE’ of what we already think we ‘know’; in ‘defense’ of what’s ‘MINE’ as we MINE for ‘survival’ and MIND our OWN; or ‘in defense’ of something or someone or an idea or a party, any belief – we keep ourselves ‘contained’ in petty egos and ‘veiled’ from the entirety of what is here, in separation from life as a whole.
Reality then remains ‘behind the veils’ that our own mind (and world) system projects, hence ‘hidden in plain sight’.

Another expression that comes to mind is also the words ‘rising in defense of…’;
which are indicative of our conditioned and systematized way of ‘standing up for ourselves’ or ‘standing up for our rights’ – wherein we always see an ‘enemy’ to which we apparently need to stand up TO or AGAINST; whereby we always have to ‘protect’ and ‘defend’ and ‘separate’ ourselves and MIND our OWN – so we are always in a battlefield, and it’s always WAR.
So these words – ‘rising in defense of…’ – as such already point out the inner struggle and the paradox of our endless attempts for power, for standing, for fulfillment or wholeness. Could it be then that we hadn’t realized yet what it truly means to be fulfilled, to be whole, to be empowered, to stand.

The word ‘defense’ in itself is indicative of our separation and of the inferior position that we accept and allow ourselves to take (within how we relate to it all – within how we relate to life and living).

And again, what are we defending? That which we think we know and accept to be ‘true’ or ‘real’ as ‘all there is’ – our beliefs, our perceptions, our view of reality, our differences, our judgments; in other words we are defending our own separation and inferiority, we are fighting for our limitations. All the while we remain self-righteous. Is that really a ‘good thing’?
So why do we entertain such ‘defense-system’?
Because the ego consciousness we’ve been cultivating is based in fear.
Because we’ve always been at war.
Fear and war are always based in separation, and separation undermines insight and understanding and the realization of true life potential, of life awareness, of life creation.

The mind/system (and consequently the world!) is always in fear. Always at war. Always on the battlefield. Always in survival mode. Always MINDING its OWN business to MINE for ‘energy’ in separation from life, based in a mind-set/system of lack, scarcity, limitation, that imposes the need for survival, the need for DEFENSE.
But defense is WAR. Just like offense is.

So there’s nothing really to say ‘in defense of enlightenment’ – lol – other than that true enlightenment exists as our life awareness, our true being, our amalgamation with and responsibility for everything that is here as our existence – within and without.
True ‘enlightenment’ would be the realization and manifestation of our full potential as living beings, individually and collectively.
A world where war and poverty, suffering and exploitation, deception and control no longer exist because they are no longer being entertained, impacted, accepted; a world where we can move beyond our limitations and be truly creative and innovative and self-sustainable – that would be an enlightened world, in fact. Where the ‘darkness’ of ourselves would have been transcended and no longer manifests into reality.

The real ‘evil’ thus, the real ‘enemy’ is within, it is the mind/mined system of ego consciousness in a polarity trap. But more than that, it is in our relationships. Because the world exists as relationships – life exists as relationships. There is so much potential within this realization, and it is up to us to live it into creation, into existence, into beingness.
So we need to self reflect and take responsibility for, thus transcend in awareness, the darkness in our minds; the fear in our body; the evil in our ways; and make the light physical, thus real, as that which is truly good as best for LIFE.

Finding ways to co-exist in true freedom, care, responsibility, peace, creativity and abundance for all – that is utterly crucial. Especially at this point in time, here on earth.
The world around us is ‘breaking down’, the systems are crumbling and we need solutions. 
So then, what do we need the word ‘enlightenment’ for – other than it being about transcending the separation of ourselves and no longer keeping the ‘world as we know it’ alive through our minds and our mining; stopping the power-games in the mind/mined/mine-field and removing ourselves from the battlefield of commerce and corporate crime; to see, recognize, and birth holistic best-for-all solutions and new canals for the rivers of life, as we realize our full potential in awareness as living beings of life.

We must literally live ‘the change we want to see in our world’ into reality, it must be real – and it must be best-for-all. 

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