Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

581 | The Insanity of our Separation

Cut off from source as creation through our own separation and 'fall' into concepts of 'angels' & 'demons' -or 'god' and 'the satan'- we make ourselves subject to the 'enemy construct' (one of the tools of mass manipulation) which in turn is used to further enslave us by 'divide & conquer'. We often fail to see how our world is the externalized manifestation of ourselves as we defer responsibility and abdicate our power. Yet the potential to 'find our way back' to source, to wholeness and the true value of life is always here.

Practice sanity - to move beyond the insanity of the order of separation and abuse; beyond the polarity of superiority/inferiority and the power-games that lurk at every corner of our conditioned at-most-fear. Sanity is an interesting word that has its roots in the word health/heal, and is defined as in: "healthy condition"; "soundness of mind".
From where I'm looking, the definition would also entail "remaining stable in the face of fear or other insanities"...

Awareness. Courage and standing, honesty and accountability, responsibility and team-spirit - these are some the tools with which we can individually and collectively overcome the polarized consciousness systems that rule us within and without - and get to the LIFE we're all wishing to see for life on earth.

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