Montag, 29. Februar 2016

584 | Would you rather stand in PEACE or have a World in pieces?

So in seeing the manifested consequences from existing in a polarized world, a polarized consciousness, in separation from life, from source, from creation (please reference the latest blog posts The Insanity of our Separation, The Insanity of Survival Mode, The Insanity of the Enemy construct); the question arises as to a solution to this mess.

solution (n.)
"a solving or being solved"
from Old French solucion "division, dissolving; explanation; payment" or directly from Latin solutionem (nominative solutio) "a loosening or unfastening," noun of action from past participle stem of solvere "to loosen, untie, solve, dissolve" (see solve).
Meaning "liquid containing a dissolved substance" is first recorded 1590s.

"a solving or being solved"
Solve – salve - salvation - saved …
Let's emphasize the active SAVE
and see the sound likeness with SANE
and 'same' is as in similar / similis (think homeopathy)
and the definition of "liquid containing a dissolved substance" is also an interesting metaphor for how we can dissolve e.g. WAR within ourselves and get to true PEACE - within and without.

Have you ever noticed how the word EARTH is an anagram of the word HEART?
We are here to face the problem and find solutions.
And if we are the problem, then we are the solution too - individually and collectively so.

The system is already crumbling to pieces and there is only one way to 'save' the life out of this world, and that solution is PEACE.
The biggest challenge will be for the people to remove the enemy construct from our own minds and move beyond the power-games of polarity consciousness that keep us infantile, fearful, and indeed inferior to our true capacity as living beings.

To be whole, and live in a whole world – a co-existence of LIFE.

The word ‘whole’ sounds similar to the word ‘heal’; it’s also within ‘holistic’;
as well as the word ‘heal’ is within ‘health’:
Health as in HEAL-t-H
- where we have the expression of healing within the context of Time and Humanity, both elements of everything that we are facing in our existence today.

Practice sanity - to move beyond the insanity of the order of separation and abuse; beyond the polarity of superiority/inferiority and the power-games that lurk at every corner of our conditioned at-most-fear.
Sanity is an interesting word that has its roots in the word health/heal, and is defined as in: "healthy condition"; "soundness of mind".

And from where I'm looking, the definition would also entail "remaining stable in the face of fear or other insanities"...
Thus, it is to remain sane, stable, and whole – no longer submerging ourselves to the systems of ego consciousness such as the enemy construct or the savior construct, survival mode and fear…

Courage and standing, honesty and accountability, responsibility and team-spirit - these are some the tools with which we can individually and collectively overcome the polarized consciousness systems that rule us within and without - and get to the LIFE we're all wishing to see for life on earth.

Would you rather stand in PEACE - or have a world in pieces?

I will keep investigating the 'enemy construct' and our (individual and collective) transcendence of it as ourselves and our coexistence...

And in the meantime here's the practical support as living principles that I could distill for myself throughout these latest writings:
Living words to move beyond the enemy construct and rather embody


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