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583 | The Insanity of the Enemy construct

For more context on the ‘enemy construct’ please reference the two previous posts 581 | The Insanity of our Separation – and 582 | The Insanity of Survival Mode

pirate (n.)
c. 1300 (mid-13c. as a surname), from Latin pirata "sailor, corsair, sea robber" (source also of Spanish, Italian pirata, Dutch piraat, German Pirat), from Greek peirates "brigand, pirate," literally "one who attacks" (ships), from peiran "to attack, make a hostile attempt on, try," from peira "trial, an attempt, attack," from PIE *per-ya-, suffixed form of root *per- (3) "to try, risk," (source also of Latin experiri "to try;" Greek empeiros "experienced;" Old Irish aire "vigilance;" Gothic ferja "watcher;" Old English fær "danger, calamity"). According to Watkins, this is "A verbal root belonging to the group of" *per- (1) "forward, through" via the notion of "to lead over, to press forward."

An Old English word for it was sæsceaða. Meaning "one who takes another's work without permission" first recorded 1701; sense of "unlicensed radio broadcaster" is from 1913.

Looking at the picture above and this idea of ‘Piracy’ (makes me think of the word ‘privacy’ too, as well as ‘parasite’) shows the vicious cycle of our separation and reminds me of the proverb that goes: “At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.”

Looking at the history of mankind we can see how the polarity construct ping-pongs throughout the ages: I dominate - I am dominated; I win - I lose: I conquer - I submit; I fight - we fight - all the time.

Have we not learned anything?

The enemy construct within has kept us from realizing our true power as creator, as being of LIFE.

Instead, we have manifested the absolute abuse of power and the cremation of care.

Domination is not power.
Control is not strength.
Deception is not intelligence.
Abuse is not smart.
Blame is not response-ability.
War is not peace.
Self-interest is not care.
Fear is not love.

Time to wake up. We've been here all along.
Where does it all start from?
Where does it all end?
Look within - every question has an answer, every problem a solution. And we are it.

See also the following YT video:

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