Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

582 | The Insanity of Survival Mode

ART by Scott Cook

Continuing from the previous post:

<<Cut off from source as creation through our own separation and 'fall' into concepts of 'angels' & 'demons' -or 'god' and 'the satan'- we make ourselves subject to the 'enemy construct' (one of the tools of mass manipulation) which in turn is used to further enslave us by 'divide & conquer'. We often fail to see how our world is the externalized manifestation of ourselves as we defer responsibility and abdicate our power.>>

It all boils down to fear (that's why we are in-fear and thus inferior to our own full capacity and potential as living beings); 
The very polarity of superiority/inferiority is always based on fear.
Fear, which is what our entire 'survival' programming is based on and what is indeed used and abused by and within the system to further control and enslave life.

This 'survival' construct is indeed the system itself, and the system itself is an externalization of the mind, which, instead of being a tool for awareness as it's supposed to be, became a system of control at the altar of ego. The world system is in itself an externalization of the mind system - which is a MINED system, mining the life out of creation, mining the energy out of its source, as it is based on a consciousness of lack and scarcity, of fear and control, which is in turn used to further enslaves us into a diminished existence revolving around MINE; mining for Me, Myself & I only - which is basically the essence of ego, of evil, of the 'satanic'. Hence with the veils slowly but surely lifting (through life awareness emerging in humanity) we see more and more of the 'satanic' nature of our existence exposed - all rituals and codes of deception, abuse, and control, in the name of 'power' that only has self-interest at 'heart'.

Have you ever noticed how the word EARTH is an anagram of the word HEART?
We are here to face the problem and find solutions. And if we are the problem, then we are the solution too - individually and collectively so.

The system is already crumbling to pieces and there is only one way to 'save' the life out of this world, and that solutions is PEACE.
The biggest challenge will be for the people to remove the 'survival' system, remove the fear from our own minds, and move beyond the power-games of polarity consciousness that keep us infantile, fearful, and indeed inferior to our true capacity as living beings.

Some further interesting words in this context are HEAL and HEALTH.
I like to define the word HEALTH as in HEAL-t-H
- where we have the expression of healing within the context of Time (t) and Humanity (H), both elements of everything that we are facing in our existence today.