Montag, 1. Februar 2016

580 | Ground Level: Embrace Yourself, You Are the Universe

So I’ve been talking about reigniting my passion and daring to be myself, and within all that process I’ve been realizing the obvious more and more: you cannot embrace the world before you embrace yourself. You cannot embrace everything, before you embrace everything of yourself. You cannot love, before you can love yourself as life.
Learning to love as life, realizing the value of life – that is one major aspect of the lessons humanity is here to learn. Why are we here? Why is our world the way it is? Well it’s easy to point fingers and want to hold others responsible, it’s easy to wallow in blame and anger and bitterness or even in despair and hopelessness. But what about self responsibility? And what about self empowerment?
It’s cool to see that humanity as a group – currently as various different groups, are maturing, are getting to the tough questions, and most importantly, are bringing the points back to self, back to responsibility.
Responsibility is power. Abuse of power is not power, at least not for long. The systems of deception around us are crumbling. The systems of deception within can only crumble and be transformed in awareness of life, in self awareness. Or through trauma, but obviously that would not be commendable.
I am the Universe. My body is a universe. My body is the temple which I inhabit and which carries me through life – this one life, this one opportunity. If I as a body, a being on earth, stand in integrity, in oneness and equality as life, then that will resonate out to other bodies, the other cells as selves/self of the One Universe, the Body of Life that we all share.
To embrace all of me I had to step out of all ideas and projections ABOUT me/my life, and get to the ground level. Ground Zero. I had to come to the point of self forgiveness. To no longer hold on to regret or self judgment or ideas and thoughts that I did not in awareness choose to carry within me. To no longer carry the past as a burden, but as a lesson that I learned, as my process of awakening, which I am obviously still walking.
Why is it apparently so difficult to embrace ourselves? How do we give our power away? And how do we take it back? Self honesty, passion, love of life, the courage to make decisions, self responsibility – these are some of the words that define our true power and the way toward embracing ourselves, embracing life.
Here is a video I have often cherished and embraced in gratefulness throughout my process:


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