Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

546 | F.E.A.R. – Fail Early And Responsibly

Recently I’ve come to look at the point of ‘failure’ again, realizing that it’s been quite an ingrained system of self-experience that I had embodied early in life, without real awareness about what it was that I was accepting and allowing.
What I discovered, is that based on ‘past failures’ we tend to project similar scenarios into the future, more often than not ending up manifesting the very things we wanted to avoid – a self fulfilling prophecy that is.

It only takes a simple shift within self in order to change this point from something that ‘haunts’ you to something you can learn from and utilize to grow and flourish.
The shift from accepting ‘failure’ and allowing it to define you, to truly investigating what it is you had defined as ‘failure’ and why, based on what? The shift from self-judgment and emotional-reaction (e.g. “omg I’m such a failure” or “I’m never going to make it” or “this just won’t work” or “I don’t think I’m good enough” or “I’m not good at…”) to the simple question: What is it that I hadn’t yet developed that I can still explore/discover/apply? And how did I create the ‘failure’ experience?

Whatever the output from that question, what you’ll find that it’s just an emotional-reaction made-real into and as the living flesh, through acceptance and allowance, throughout time. It’s just a mind set lived into beingness. Yes, it takes a process to release it, you’ll have to forgive yourself, but the point is simplistic. The solution is that change/becoming comes from being – and therefore it is who and how I will BE in moments that will form and determine what will accumulate, what will flow out, what will be created. We create all the time. We either create in awareness, or we create through what we accept and allow. We either create as who we are as life, or we create as who we are as systems, based on fear/inferiority, or delusions of grandeur. Fascinating the power of emotions and feelings – because we give it to them. And have a look how the system is set to entice people through energy, through sensationalism, through emotions/feelings, through fear. You don’t know what you want. You don’t know everything you can be. The system/mind tells you who you are and what you can do and be. Through your own acceptances and allowances.

Most people (except from those born into positions of power and control) are born into survival; most people’s preprogramming throughout generations has been to fail or struggle to ‘make it’ or to be outcast or misfits… We are born into a world system and as children we are dependent on accepting everything ‘as is’. And our world systems are such that each one is driven to the utmost inner hardship (whatever that may be subjectively for each one) with one purpose only: to make people submit to the systems, submerge themselves to survival mode, and give up on living life’s potential, give up on making more out of themselves in exploring their utmost potential in life and thus the potential of this one world that we have in common, this reality we all share. be continued

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