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545 | Embrace yourself, empower yourself - Part 2

Continuing from part 1 

<<To undo the world as we know it, we need to dig deep into the fabric of our existence.
Diffusing the separation is one step (and even that is a process in itself), but then we gotta keep on moving beyond fear and through the veils of the mind/system; to transcend the separation and the inferiority/superiority energy in moments real-time, by walking ourselves out of the mind-trap/system/trap and transforming fear and self-interest into LIVING in the interest of life. We must become the life force – as we embark on this journey of self creation in awareness, as life. In this we can indeed create a better world, create our ‘system’ in awareness, considering EVERYTHING that is here, we can bring forth a way of life that is sustainable, that is best for all, that supports life and the value of life as such.
We must start with ourselves.>>

We’ve been reacting for too long. Reacting to the world ‘out there’, reacting to the system, to our parents or family, to our jobs, to our ‘place in the world’, to our own minds.
Humanity has been through a rough ‘civilization’ and had reached puberty when it got caught up in a state of tantrum-throwing, either pitying itself and succumbing to fear or losing itself in delusions of grandeur. Looking at the world and looking into our own minds – this is what we can see. A constant struggle, a constant ‘survival mode’, a constant conflict of interests, but no-where (other than where enforced through control and oppression) an authority, an accountable corpus. What we need and where we can lead ourselves to is authority as life. Embracing life as the highest value and standing by that principle of oneness and equality as life – our world and our system could be so much different, they could serve us all as life and we could have heaven on earth.
Instead we have hell on earth – and in the minds. A hell that can only exist in separation, a hell that can only exist where responsibility is feared and power is either abused or abdicated.

Yet at the same time more and more the people are coming together, working together, realizing power in interconnectedness and on common ground.

An excellent moment to look at any and all associations or images or energetic reactions in relation to the word POWER – and I’m sure each one reading this now is having their very own combination of reactions that gives the unique taste of how that word sounds to each one. Investigate those attachments, and explore what real power is, and how would power be defined in a world where life is no longer abused and exploited.

Let’s go back to where we started in the previous post – we started with EMBRACING: The power to embrace myself.
The power to embrace myself – such a simplistic statement, yet so deep, so powerful – stopping the separation of self and being THE ONE to empower yourself, empower your life, and make of it the best version of yourself and the fullest potential of life/living for you and your world – our world.

I shared in the beginning how I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to embrace myself. So why haven’t I allowed myself to embrace myself, all of me? Because there has been ‘parts of me’ that I had a reaction toward, that I had judged or feared or denied or suppressed… I had separated myself from embracing all of me, from getting to know and understand all of me, from taking responsibility for all of me. I realize this is a ‘path’ predesigned for everyone in this system. We ‘lose our awareness’, our purity, our self honesty and genuine curiosity and creativity quite early in life. It was designed this way.

Our challenge is thus to stop reacting to the system, stop reacting to our own design/lives; Our challenge is to change the design, to change the system – within ourselves and how WE live to begin with; taking this then ‘out into the world’ through the relationships we lead with people in our life … expanding and embracing life until humanity stands united as one, as life.

Sounds too way out? Not really, I mean practically each one need only live it in the context of their world and relationships; yet exponentially quantified, this will weave into the ‘way of life’ and transform the systems of our world, ideally into an organic collaboration and exchange or distribution network of LIFE.

Imagine all the people…living life in peace…yoo-hoo-woohoohoo…
Imagine yourself living in peace: what would it take?
And what are you waiting for?

...In the next post I will share more self forgiveness in deconstructing the system that keeps us from embracing ourselves and truly standing in our power as life.

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