Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

544 | Embrace yourself, empower yourself

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to embrace myself.
I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see and realize that to embrace myself, I have to embrace ALL of me.
To bring all of myself HERE, I have to bring HERE the information that is me – that is in words, concepts, personalities, mind mechanisms, emotional patterns, experiences and reactions, self-definitions – which all of that together defines and determines ‘me’, my life path, my living application, my accepted limitations, all the ideas and beliefs I hold about myself and how I perceive my life – all that is solidified and automated as ‘who I am’ and how I experience myself and my life.
Who I had become throughout how I have responded to and interpreted reality through my mind, was a person in ‘survival mode’.

In that context, responded in fact implies reacted. To truly respond to reality would be to respond in awareness.
What I have described above however, is the human being in unawareness, the human condition – the human being as a system tool, a puppet, a product, a system in itself. All the concepts, personalities, mind mechanisms, emotional patterns, experiences and reactions, self-definitions we entertain – are all products of systems.

Human consciousness systems are based on separation, fear, and self-interest. Human consciousness systems are rooted in polarity, traditionally perpetuating inferiority and superiority complexes as if that were common sense.
Hell, all common sense is twisted through our systems of ‘education’, through the indoctrination and disenfranchising that is done or accepted and allowed.

To undo the world as we know it, we need to dig deep into the fabric of our existence.

Diffusing the separation is one step (and even that is a process in itself), but then we gotta keep on moving beyond fear and through the veils of the mind/system; to transcend the separation and the inferiority/superiority energy in moments real-time, by walking ourselves out of the mind-trap/system/trap and transforming fear and self-interest into LIVING in the interest of life. We must become the life force – as we embark on this journey of self creation in awareness, as life. In this we can indeed create a better world, create our ‘system’ in awareness, considering EVERYTHING that is here, we can bring forth a way of life that is sustainable, that is best for all, that supports life and the value of life as such.

We must start with ourselves.

…to be continued, also looking into ‘why’ I hadn’t allowed myself to embrace myself, or what was keeping me from fully embracing this life…

Relevant message: Embracing Self - by Bernard Poolman 

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