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543 | Just because you’re a Slave doesn’t mean you have to Suffer

Continuing in the context of my previous post, Creatures of Habit … 

I chose this title for this post –Just because you're a Slave doesn't mean you have to Suffer because I find that a) we ‘suffer’ too much in our minds, in our head bubbles, which prevents from giving a real fuck about the actual suffering that exists in our world, and b) yes we are all enslaved within the current world system however if we do not rise above the misery of self-victimization and self-indulgence we stand no chance of changing our existence into freedom and peace and ending slavery once and for all.

So. There. We have it.

In this same context, an article I read the other day made me think about SOCIETY in general. What is shown in The Likely Cause of Addiction has been Discovered and it is Not What You Think –i.e. how the environment and the individual experience within it effects behavior– applies also to all kinds of abuse, violence, or failure, which are all a form of disenfranchising.

Creating our world, our HUMAN SOCIETY, as a responsible and supportive environment is now as vital as ever.
Our FUTURE depends upon what we will accept and allow, and what we will create-, and our future cannot be ‘saved’ unless WE humans stand-up in awareness, connect and work together, as LIFE.

In the same way that we understand ourselves as products of our environment, we must see the necessity of creating an environment that will enable a new, self-corrected way of life and living to emerge, organically so. A new living environment will allow for a new human being to emerge – but we must BE the change we want to see. In empowering ourselves we empower our own lives and living, which in turn touches the lives of the people we meet, empowering them to empower themselves. We have to EMPOWER our people in order to empower our world.  We have to EMPOWER our legal, monetary, and social systems by transforming them such that they EMPOWER LIFE. Life should not be here to serve them. Instead, we must create our systems to serve LIFE!

If each living being would live their full potential as life - wouldn't this be heaven on earth? We can stop creating addiction, we can stop creating scarcity, we can stop creating fear, we can stop creating control institutions to lead us, ‘protect’ us from ourselves and each-other. We can instead lead ourselves and each-other in the wisdom of life as the highest value, in oneness and equality as life. 

Equality and oneness is a principle that is also coming through in the evolution of the internet, which –even though it was initially created to further perpetuate the propaganda that keeps the human divided and conquered– has failed to veil the truth of our existence. Everything is here, in our face, so let's face it. You and me, WE are the ones CHANGE depends upon, let's be the change we want to see – every breath counts and is a building block of the future. What we do does make a difference, so let’s make every moment count for life – in the name of life. 

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