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Day 536 | The Future of Change

Continuing from Day 535 | Awareness & Interconnectedness
<<…it’s possible that with the gradual embodiment/living of the realization of Interconnectedness – in how we relate to life as a whole and thus how we practically honor life within who we are and how we live and co-exist – the experience of interconnectedness would become gradually more real, as in: more constant, more consistent, more present; until it is through and through who self is.
Then the experience or feeling of it would appear to ‘diminish’, as the living of Interconnectedness becomes more ‘normal’, more natural, more given, a state of being and living – at that point it’s been fully integrated and ‘automated’ as self, within/as who and how self is – it has become our nature.>>

Here is a challenge to look at the word ‘automation’ and question any connotation one may hold, so as to be able to examine the word for what it is physically, functionally, practically. 

It’s interesting that there seems to be a key in ‘automation’. And if you look at it, that which we take for granted, that which we see as ‘given, is always something that’s been automated. That which we for example take for ‘human nature’ is something that is taken for granted, as given, however it was created throughout time and it’s been automated to exist in ‘accepted ways’ within ‘accepted definitions’. We can't see it because we are it.
But who is the author of it all? What is the authority that dictates what is and what isn’t? Well guess what, even that ‘authority’ has been automated – it now not only exists within and throughout the structures and placements of the world system, infiltrating everything a human being will interact with once born into this world system; it also exists within the ‘inherent’ mental/emotional patterns on individual scale, the sins of the fathers visited upon each child – and humanity seems to have no effective tools for dealing with this entire issue, that is ourselves, our world, our reality.

If one now looks at change, and what change means, how change can be measured or attested: it is where a new pattern has become automated, and thus natural –a change in nature.

Nature is the automation of perfection. Nature automates the best functionality into its evolution –wouldn’t that indicate awareness?!– and even win-win scenarios of symbiosis are often documented. The potential is here. So what must change?

We must change – our nature.

Real Change is always change in the nature of things – to the core.

As humanity, as consciousness, we have obviously at some point been gravely mistaken and things have gone utterly wrong. As humanity in awareness emerging, we are now seeing and realizing this and finally also grasping that WE must be the change. WE are the ones to change the nature of life on earth – this time in awareness. Let's really not hold back, let's give it our all, this one life. We can change how we live and coexist on this earth and how we approach our world and reality, ourselves and each other.

Change is about transformation. We can transform what has become 'human nature' and what we have allowed and accepted to become of our world –into real value as life, individually and collectively.

If you've come thus far in reading this, start with yourself: Ask yourself what you can change/transform about yourself and your living that would have a significant constructive impact on your value as human being and on the value and quality of your relationships with your world.

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