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Day 535 | Awareness & Interconnectedness

Let’s take the simple definition of Interconnectedness as the connectedness and interdependence of all that exists. Anything that affects one part affects the whole. 

This may be easier to grasp if we look at history and then move forward to follow the consequences in space-time: one point tends to reveal a much more wide-spread impact and effect when observed a posteriori.

This seems to be also a challenge for us humans: we somehow don’t seem to be so well equipped to foresee outflows, consequences. But is it really so – or is it rather that our education system (and the entire world system) is set up in a way that we do not focus on investigating cause and effect and understanding consequence; we rather focus on ‘quick-fixes’ and instant self-gratification. We all buy into this sort of system – but there’s nothing REALLY in it for us.

Alright, let’s go back to this word, Interconnectedness, which is a good example for the difference between when a word is ‘understood’ intellectually/mentally and when a word is realized and lived as self, as who one is and how one participates in existence.
Here, with this word – Interconnectedness – we can see the discrepancy that exists: most people can relate to an understanding of ‘interconnectedness’ – it seems like a ‘good thing’ to believe in or to have faith in – but how much or how well are we physically in fact aware of our interconnectedness with and as life…!

So we've looked at the mental vs the physical awareness of Interconnectedness – but where does the emotional/feeling body/dimension fit into the above?

It could definitely fit in with the mental understanding of the word Interconnectedness, as one is able to imagine what interconnectedness is and thus in that moment ‘get a feel of’ how it would feel to be interconnected in awareness. So in that moment of imagination one has a physical experience simulated as well.
But given that in this case the feeling would only last for as long as the imagination is maintained in the mind, one can conclude that it is not real – yet.

So how does one make Interconnectedness real? One would have to bring it through, from the mind into the physical. Perhaps by scripting what the imagined-real definition will entail when it is lived within who one is in every moment, with/within oneself, with others and within one’s relationships, with and within one’s world and environment – including everything: the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the chair we sit on, everything we interact with one way or another. That would obviously imply a totally different approach than the current one we entertain as ‘human beings’, an approach that would require us to question and reconsider everything we see, touch, or interact with.

Back to the question of where the emotion/feeling dimension fits in within all this, what I see is: it’s possible that with the gradual embodiment/living of the realization of Interconnectedness – in how we relate to life as a whole and thus within who we are and how we live – the experience of interconnectedness would become gradually more real, as in: more constant, more consistent, more present; until it is through and through who self is.
Then the experience or feeling of it would appear to ‘diminish’, as the living of Interconnectedness becomes more ‘normal’, more natural, more given, a state of being and living – at that point it’s been fully integrated and ‘automated’ as self, within/as who and how self is – it has become natural.

Doesn't this then demonstrate that a feeling/emotion as in the positive/negative charges/attributions that we subscribe to ‘things’ would indicate a separation?! Where we stick to the feeling and forget to explore and live a word in every moment, HERE In The Physical…as opposed to ‘experiencing’ a word (like eg. ‘interconnectedness’) in our mind…

It also demonstrates how important it is to examine everything that is ‘given’, everything that we take ‘for granted’ – and this includes how we see and approach everything in our world, and our own mind to begin with.

So – especially with such ‘beautiful’ words like Interconnectedness, or Oneness to name another example – we REALLY have to check for ourselves what definitions and what ‘charges’ we hold of the words: does the word merely exist as a make-belief alternate-reality in our mind? Or are we truly living the word as ourselves, in thought, word and deed!

I mean – wouldn’t we have an entirely different world here if we were TRULY aware of our Interconnectedness as life, as living beings of the same substance all breathing the same air; if we were to truly LIVE that interconnectedness practically, physically, in who we are and how we co-exist?! 


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