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537 | The Future of Change -part 2- Self Responsibility

<<…with the gradual embodiment/living of the realization of Interconnectedness – in how we relate to life as a whole and thus how we practically honor life within who we are and how we live and co-exist – the experience of interconnectedness would become gradually more real, as in: more constant, more consistent, more present; until it is through and through who self is.
Then the experience or feeling of it would appear to ‘diminish’, as the living of Interconnectedness becomes more ‘normal’, more natural, more given, a state of being and living – at that point it’s been fully integrated and ‘automated’ as self, within/as who and how self is – it has become our nature.>> from Day 535 | Awareness & Interconnectedness

<<That which we take for ‘human nature’ is also something that is taken for granted, as given, however it was created throughout time and it’s been automated to exist in ‘accepted ways’ within ‘accepted definitions’. We can't see it because we are it.>> from Day 536 | The Future of Change

...But that’s not entirely true. We CAN SEE it. At least we can see it in “others”, in the world, everywhere around us. Just mostly not within ourselves. Denial. The answer to denial is self honesty. See – if we only see the ‘evil’ “out there”, then we will only blame, point fingers, judge, demand justice, condemn, conflict. We will never however understand the manifestation at hand – what created it, how it emerged, what sustains it, why and how it exists, and thus how it can be changed. Most importantly, we will miss all the little and subtle ways in which that very same manifestation in its essence exists within our very own mind, or in our behavior. But because we have judged it, we fear it, we hate it, we condemn it – this also often happens when one has had a self-honest insight into one’s own mind: one immediately goes into reactions of self-judgment, or guilt, or self-victimization or self-loathing. Because we have judged it, we have separated ourselves from it; and because we stand in separation, we are biased, we cannot see the whole picture. That makes us part of the problem.
So how do we become part of the solution?

Through taking self responsibility as life, those separated parts (within/of self or within/of the world) can now be ‘lifted up’ and amalgamated into and as life HERE. We have a long way to go as humanity, and what I would like to see is us giving to each other, fairly sharing the resources of our home planet and leading sustainable lives in the abundance that is here for all. This is a lengthy process and it begins with self. Because we are the cells of the world, of humanity on earth. Hence a process of self realization, self liberation, self responsibility in awareness as life emerging.
Self is the origin.
Through self responsibility we take back our power and can stand in integrity.
And the more self becomes and stands as that self-directive principle in awareness as life, determined to no longer accept or allow anything less than life, anything less than living our full potential in every moment; determined to honor and enjoy life and embrace the creative potential of oneself that will facilitate equally the creative potential of humanity as a whole and each individually: the more we strengthen ourselves as life in awareness, the easier ‘change’ becomes – and the ripple effects spread throughout humanity. This revolution is about love in action, compassion in action, awareness in action – and we must do it together. We can only do it together. We are all here on Earth, breathing the same air, sustained by the same water, the same sun.

What would the world look like if everyone was able to be their own judge (in self-honesty, not in self-punishment!) instead of pointing fingers at others and judging the world/systems? If everyone would embrace self responsibility in the context of life and would support oneself to be and become the best version of oneself ever possible, to transform oneself from a system product to a living being in awareness – as a contribution to one’s own life experience and life as a whole?
Why have we not been doing that as human beings? Is it because we abdicate our power and responsibility to others, to gods, to systems, to faith and hope and other imaginary saviors? Is it because we fear our own power, not trusting ourselves to be the leaders, to be the change we want to see in the world? Is it because it’s easier to remain ‘comfortably numb’ than to take responsibility, stand up, stand out?

Self Responsibility is Power. Self Responsibility is Self-Response-Ability, thus the ability to respond at any given moment HERE in a self-directive, responsible way, as opposed to our habitual responses being reactive, automated, conditioned patterns, born of systems.

Let’s birth ourselves as life HERE – let’s make this world a world of LIFE, no longer a world of death, of destruction, of separation. Let’s restore the value of life as a matter of fact, as a matter of action, of change, of transformation – Let’s embrace LIFE within ourselves and each other!

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