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539 | The Future of Change -part 4- Awareness

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535 | Awareness & Interconnectedness
536 | The Future of Change
537 | The Future of Change -part 2- Self Responsibility
538 | The Future of Change -part 3- Forgiveness

<<…that which we take for granted, that which we see as ‘given, is always something that’s been automated. That which we take for ‘human nature’ is for example something that is taken for granted, as given, however it was created throughout time and it’s been automated to exist in ‘accepted ways’ within ‘accepted definitions’. We can't see it because we are it.
If one now looks at change, and what change means, how change can be measured or attested: it is where a new pattern has become automated, has become natural, effortless –that something was changed in its nature>>
from Day 536 | The Future of Change

Say you as a child have through experiences conditioned yourself to react to being praised with shyness. With time, and through repeating this pattern, you have become a ‘shy person’. There was a change in nature, and now as a grown-up you can only get a glimpse of how and who you were before those experiences and reactions took place, before you conditioned yourself into being a ‘shy person’. Being ‘shy’ is now automated as a response whenever you’re being praised, it is ‘in your nature’, and you naturally go into a reaction of ‘shyness’ every time – automatically.

This would be an example of how our ‘nature’ is programmable – and perhaps also an answer to the question “Why change?”

Change is about changing the habits that have inhabited us and formed who we are without our awareness – yet through our permission, acceptance and allowance. As self and humanity emerge in awareness, we can now investigate and change the patterns we have accepted and allowed to define and determine life on earth, our living experience, even the value of life itself.

Change is about Awareness.

Self worth and self respect are also issues to be introspected in this context – and more often than not we will find the most absurd thought patterns automated to undermine self worth, the most ridiculous behavior patterns automated in sabotaging our self respect… But have we developed self respect to begin with? Have we recognized self worth to begin with? Or what does ‘life on earth’ as a system teach its children? Why have the people on earth become so degraded in their value as life?

If we look at how we create our life experience, both on individual/personal and on collective level, what we will find is that what drives everything are patterns/habits. The habits that inhabit us, who [we] in turn inhabit this planet, but did we plan it? We didn’t. Some few did, deliberately so, and those now sit on the top of the pyramid, but the pyramid is crumbling. What most did is compliance, allowance, acceptance, deferring of responsibility, abdication of the right to life – life as creation.

So – here we all are.
The habits that inhabit us – as individuals: fear, survival, dishonesty, self-interest as ego; and as collective: exploitation, abuse, consumerism, deception, separation, divide & conquer… the habits that inhabit us shape our world, shape our lives, and we in turn individually play a role in shaping the bigger picture. It’s been an endless cycle of never-ending power-games, all in survival mode. An automated system of exploitation, and we have become systems within systems.

Where and how to disrupt this vicious game?
How to stop the automation of evil?
There is only one answer to that question though it may be expressed in different words –Awareness, Here, Self, Life, You and Me, Transparency, Truth, Democracy, Solutions, Common Sense, Oneness & Equality, Humanity.
The answer is to Stop, stop the madness, breathe, recall where you come from: You come from the earth, your body is of the earth, your mind is of the world, regardless what you think. Investigate, how much of what you think YOU have placed in there in self-responsibility, in awareness; how much of what you speak is an expression of who you really are, an act of will power with a purpose that extends beyond your little bubble of ego, of fear, of self-interest.

Without awareness, and without responsibility for all that which our awareness realizes about ourselves, about our world, about our NATURE…it would be impossible to change our life experience, to change life on earth, to change the nature of how we co-exist and what we create. And yet that is exactly the challenge we’re facing, as human beings individually and as humanity collectively. The realization of ourselves as creators, the realization of cause and effect, the realization of responsibility. And the realization that time is all we have and we must use it wisely – we must not wait and not waver.

This is what I realized when I made the decision to start with myself: To stand-up no matter what, to be a part of life, a part of solutions, not part of the problems. To change the habits that inhabit ME and that tell me who I’ve known myself to be, what I can do and cannot do, what is possible and what impossible – and instead to realize self worth, self responsibility, and my potential as life. To change the habits that are rooted in systems of separation, of submission, of inferiority/superiority and other polarity traps. To transform what I as the world have accepted and allowed life and living to be (which had become merely survival, consumerism, abuse) into an expression that is equal to living, restoring the value of life, an expression that comes from the core, from source, from interconnectedness and care, seeking to play and to connect and to work-together, to express its full potential and within that allow and facilitate existence as a whole to unleash its utmost potential.

Once we see and realize that what we’ve been creating and manifesting as ‘life on earth’ doesn’t truly honor life, doesn’t honor the right to life, doesn’t honor ourselves and each other as who we truly are as life and does not allow us to live our full potential – we must change it. We gotta stop our evil ways. Our awareness of ‘what is here’ is pressing: Change!
What we have now on earth is an automated system designed to exploit and abuse life. It is a system without awareness, following one dictator: profit. This is the nature of the system: polarity/inequality, separation, divide & conquer.
Automation describes something that has become natural and has a drive, flow, rhythm of its own. In our current system we call it ‘free market’ and other things, despite the fact that we are starving the world.

Imagine a world where care, honesty, cooperation, sustainable flourishing, win-win solutions are principles that have become natural, that have become the drive, flow and rhythm of life on earth – Imagine how that could support us in restoring the value of life, making sure we allow not one being to suffer and that everyone is able to enjoy life.
It’s not to say that automation in itself is bad. What is bad is the lack of awareness, and having automation be something that is designed to diminish awareness from the get-go [see our current education system for instance!]
It doesn’t mean we cannot ‘automate’ new ways, new patterns, new systems. Habits, patterns, systems, are just that as long as they are literally voted upon, ‘authorized by life’ within and without, dictated by common sense and self-honesty, and utilized as the TOOLS that they are, to facilitate life on earth, not to rule it.
We can be creators of new systems – but let us no longer allow destructive systems of fear and separation to be the directors of life on earth, of who we are, of what life can be. Let us no longer limit life, no longer limit ourselves, no longer limit each other and the future of humanity.

Change and creation go hand in hand. Change as the stopping, forgiving and letting go of the past so that only the lesson remains; so that we are truly HERE, present, aware, and able to see things for what they are at any given moment; and creation as the process that can then unfold as we emerge in awareness, as self expression and creative will HERE, as we step out of the ‘old’ and into the new, the unknown, to shape it in real-time through who we are and how we work together, in self responsibility, in awareness as life.

The change starts with us.
The change starts with self.
What are the automated patterns keeping me from living my full potential? And how can I automate corrections and self-directive creativity into my everyday living? 

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