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538 | The Future of Change -part 3- Forgiveness

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537 | The Future of Change -part 2- Self Responsibility

There is a lot of talk about standing-up when it comes to self development or to changing the world. Within that however we must consider that we cannot stand-up and remain standing, unless we have first dropped down to the lowest ground of our existence, the darkest pit of our mind, of our history, of everything that defines us – and picked ourself up, got to know that part of self that’s been separated and pushed away, and forgiven it – lesson learned.
That separated part can now be ‘lifted up’ and amalgamated into/as self HERE as life, humanity here as life. Now change is possible. Because how can we stand-up and bring forth sustainable change for real – in our own lives or humanity as a whole –, unless we take responsibility for everything that is here as it exists!

What is interesting, is that – both on individual and collective level – we are witnessing Change as being rather a process of stopping / dropping / letting go of the layers/systems/programs that have not served us well as life; a process of breaking through those accepted limitations and redefining our life and living. It’s not about creating new layers of new stuff – that is not change, that’s pretense – it’s about removing/changing/transforming all that which has been undermining our life potential – individually and collectively.

This is the process of forgiveness – we see how a point/system/program works, we understand its creation, we see the whole picture and realize its consequence, and take responsibility. Then we can decide that enough is enough, this cannot continue, we must stop/change/transform this. Once we stop a particular approach/mind-set/bias, once we remove the veils of systems, the veils of limitation, the buttons for conditioned responses – new possibilities open up that we may not have been able to envision before.

Forgiveness implies seeing and understanding. And here emerges the ability to change, for through forgiveness one gives oneself the ‘permission’ and the ‘authority’ to change. Change thus implies self responsibility.
Just like responsibility begins with self, so does forgiveness. As does perhaps everything we have created?

Change is about the purification of the past through realization of what is here as creation/created and through understanding of the systems/programs at hand; it’s about the correction of the system/program through introspection, self honesty and common sense.
For oneself, when it comes to change, one can write out the ‘correction script’ for future reference; it’s about the living/applying of the realized change, taking responsibility in thought, word and deed – it’s about breathing life into a new creation, embracing the potential of life in this reality and making the best contribution I can make.

Forgiveness & the will power of self responsibility, of honesty and self respect as life – to move through the limitations, to diffuse the bias, to release oneself from mental/emotional attachments, to see things for what they are, to learn from the past and let it go; to move toward a future walked through real decisions in awareness, to stand as ONE of humanity, as human being EQUAL within life as a whole, and be the best contribution I can be in this life, this world that we all share.

To change our evil ways we must start with ourselves. Forgiveness always starts with self forgiveness. There is no point in blaming, judging, and pointing fingers, because in self honesty we can see that each and every atrocious pattern that exists ‘out there’ exists within our own consciousness in one way or another – however subtle, however small.
“How does this pattern exist within me/my thoughts/my behavior? How do I live this pattern in my own mind/life/everyday-living? Where do I still blame/judge without understanding the entirety of the problem or investigating solutions? And how can I change myself from being part of the problem into being part of the solution?” – These are questions that open up entirely new possibilities, and through which we can empower ourselves.

Real power comes with responsibility.

I for one commit myself to investigate and introspect every point I judge, blame or fear within my world and take responsibility for it, as I see and realize doing this will enable me to see the whole picture, to see the pattern for what it is and how it was created, how it is being sustained, what is the role I play within it all – Name the game. Stop the game. Change the game.
We can change the conversation, make it count, make it a learning experience, for real, for everyone included.

I commit myself to assist and support myself and others equally to move beyond our accepted limitations and transcend our accepted subservience to systems, both within and without, so we can truly emerge in awareness as life, as creators, and nurture the potential of life until it is born as a new humanity, a humanity that has gone through a process of self realization, of forgiveness, of learning and evolution, of change – and has automated its foundation and founding principle into and as a stable, sustainable, and common sense agreement of LIFE. On such a basis, we can be free and creative in redefining Life & Living for our world, and manifest a world where we can all be and experience so much more…!

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