Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

540 | The Revolution Is Being Televised!

I was watching this Youtube video on Initiatives for Change and I thought to myself: The Revolution IS BEING televised!
It's not the mainstream stories, granted, yet more and more the voice of life is coming through as people get together to work together toward sustainable win-win solutions. This is only the beginning and we've got a long way to go, humanity, but let's do this!

There is also the silent revolution, the inner revolution, the revolution at the core of our being for which we are each responsible - the decency of ourselves as LIFE, as living beings on this one home planet we all share.

We can always only create who we are. We are what we accept ourselves to be. We have become clones of the past and have kept history repeating - no peace, no dignity, no sustainable future for life. To change our creation as this world we must change ourselves and our relationships, how we live and co-exist, how we work together and how we relate to the value of life - practically, visibly so.

It's what we create. We've been following fate creating vicious cycles in unawareness - through acceptance, submission, division. As awareness of life emerges, we now can start creating a new destiny for ourselves as humanity, as creative potential, as life in awareness. 


At the same time, the system is doing everything in its power to suppress the revolution and keep Humanity from truly evolving as Life on Earth... Under the name "Really good friends of services", the EU, the US and 22 other countries negotiate the agreement TISA. The representatives of the countries don't seem to represent their citizens' interests. For the negotiations and documents remain secret. The TISA agreement is about Services -that is areas of our daily life which could include power and water supply, postal services, communications, health and finance services, data or waste management, education...- and yet there is no transparency whatsoever as to what the negotiations involve! This is unacceptable.

Clearly, change cannot come through institutions that serve interests other than LIFE. Change will come through PEOPLE transforming the established institutions or creating new ones. Or it won't, because look - what is behind TISA but PEOPLE...and what PEOPLE accept and allow, submit and subscribe to.

We are the power. What we are is what we create.
Time for Change!

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