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Day 492 | Travelling Without Moving -part 2

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Continuing from Day 491 | Are You Travelling Without Moving? 

So another point that came up from my previous post is actually an interesting observation in terms of the literal meaning of the words ‘Travelling Without Moving’, and there’s two dimensions I’d like to share here:

‘Travelling Without Moving’ –
whereby the ‘travelling’ is in the context of actual, physical travelling and thus actual-physical movement BUT, have you noticed how even if we are physically moving we often remain stuck when it comes to points we are facing within ourselves /our minds.

To give an example, say you are attending school and then college or university which means you are moving in your physical reality and space-time, but at the same time there is for instance a point of anxiety or inferiority within you – in your mind and inner experience – that you are not addressing and thus even though you are moving physically and continuing with school/college, this one point will at some stage ‘reveal itself’ and show you that you weren’t able to actually really move and expand yourself;
Because for instance every time you were directly confronted with this point of anxiety or inferiority you did not want to face it and thus you suppressed/ignored it, and so the point has compounded and now your anxiety/inferiority is even greater, preventing you from being as effective and successful as you could be and would like to be.

The other dimension of the words ‘Travelling Without Moving’ would be where the ‘Travelling’ is done in the Mind / within Imagination.

We all are aware of what it is to day-dream or to just sit around imagining future scenarios and indulging in projections and hopes about how things could/should be.
Now imagine if that’s all you do – Travelling in the Mind – only thinking and wishing/imagining things, actions, situations, developments; without actually Moving physically, practically, and in fact in this actual physical world where reality is created.

So here I share these points to emphasize the importance of actual physical movement and of aligning ourselves and our living to this physical reality, dealing with and directing points in our life/world AS they come, step by step, breath by breath, point by point, instead of allowing them to accumulate and compound as consequence.
Because what exists within us AS us we are going to have to face sooner or later, so here I am saying it’s preferable to face what is here sooner than later, best even: immediately, directly; making thus sure that we do not live in our minds while we disregard/ignore reality, but that we are HERE, in every moment, with every step, regardless of where we are. Wherever we are, we are always here with ourselves, and ourselves is the only point we truly have influence on, take responsibility for and direct.

And I mean, imagine a world where every living being stands in self-responsibility and takes directive responsibility of any and all points that come up in one’s reality: Wouldn’t that be a world where reality is managed with real care, in real consideration, regard and respect, before consequences manifest?!

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