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Day 491 | Are You Travelling Without Moving?

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Today I was travelling, something I quite enjoy doing, and so now I’m taking the opportunity to look at this word ‘travelling’ and looking at the sounding of it to reveal any preprogrammed connotations that it may contain.

So when I sound the word ‘travelling’ the first thing I hear is ‘try’-‘veiling’, and it’s interesting how often when we travel we kinda veil our reality and use travelling-the travel as an excuse or ‘time off’, an escape from our reality. I used to do that a lot. But then there’s also the opposite polarity, and often when I’d travel I’d have rather the feeling of being ‘more’ into reality and it makes me wonder – because wouldn’t that mean that one can get so caught up within one’s routine that one kinda misses reality?

‘Travelling without moving’ is another thing that comes to mind, that’s a song by Jamiroquai if I remember correctly, and if I look at it, the way we use our imagination is like ‘travelling without moving’, and isn’t that too a way to escape our reality?

So what’s wrong with reality? Well there’s nothing wrong with reality per se, rather there’s something wrong with our relationship to reality, and alas this may be just the point that shapes our reality into something that we feel we ‘need to escape’.

Another interesting point that comes to mind when I sound the word ‘travel’ is ‘trouble’, and that reminds me of how I’d often try and consider all possibilities and situations that may arise when-while travelling to try and control them before-hand lol, as if in a way trying to anticipate ‘trouble’ to then try to avoid it. I mean it’s a thin line between taking the necessary common sense precautions and expecting trouble as such, so here one has to look in self-honesty and see what applies to one’s own starting-point when it comes to travel.

So here are some points to ponder on, though here and now I am living the world ‘travelling’ as equal to reality, meaning: not using it to escape my reality or veil it with something ‘more profound’, no, but rather living it - using it to look at my reality from a fresh perspective, a broader perspective, and to see how I can expand my reality-considerations in practical-pragmatic ways.

Enjoy : )

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