Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Day 490 | Inner Controls & Polarity Energetics VS Equality & Oneness

Lately I’ve been looking into and seeing how the points of ‘control’ and ‘letting go’ exist intertwined within energetic polarity relationships, and how the underlying directive principle in the context of such construct is Fear.
Isn’t fear the ‘hidden’ directive principle regardless what mind construct we are stuck in? Does our mind as conditioned system really effectively deal with ‘points’/experiences/situations, or does it merely form and act-out ‘coping mechanisms’?

That would be the way of survival for the mind as consciousness, ‘coping’ with its environment in self-interest, which is fear. ‘Coping’, which is in essence the attempt to control. So I asked myself, who would I be if I stopped ‘coping’, if I stopped trying to ‘control’, if I stopped handling points/situations/experiences in my ‘usual way’ which is the habitual way which is the coping mechanisms of our conditioned consciousness; but is this really all we are?

I find that to really make a difference, I must free myself from my own ways, because my own ways are preprogrammed – as in: conditioned. Conditioned as coping mechanisms, which, coping mechanisms, are always based in fear, because they are based in non-understanding; hence ‘coping’ (rather than understanding and directing) and hence ‘mechanisms’ (i.e. the system figuring-out an algorithm to ‘deal with’ a problem based on its prior ‘knowledge’ rather than SELF assessing the situation for real and directing in self-responsibility).

So, when we are trapped in such polarity constructs and inferiority: instead of directing self toward self-honest investigation and understanding, we make judgments and/or merely accept that we do not understand, throw our hands in the air and within that, we make the ultimate judgment upon ourselves = we literally place ourselves as inferior (in-fear-ior) to whatever it is we are facing (experience/ situation/ points/ people/ relationships).

Here the equality point as solution can be seen – as I have often reminded myself and also in writing have shown why/how ‘equality is key’ – 
and here equality/the key would be to literally ‘stand equal’ to the point/ person/ situation/ experience without making it ‘more than’ or ‘less than’, which means to see it for what it is, to also see me for who I am toward it/ who I am within that relationship, and to understand the cause & effect relationships within it all, in other words the why and how this point (experience/ situation/ relationship) exists.

Within this is thus entailed: Self-Responsibility.

SELF-responsibility would then also indicate the point of Oneness, whereby self is not only standing equal-to, but also one-with the experience/ situation/ point/ relationship, which means to see and understand my part within the existence of such point /situation /experience /relationship and what I can do to change (the whole).

So here can be seen the principle of ‘equality and oneness’ seen from a general practical approach perspective.

This/such approach in fact would imply the transcendence of polarity; the polarity being Fear/’inferiority’ on the one hand, and ‘superiority’/coping mechanisms = control on the other hand (when dealing with a particular point /situation /experience /relationship).

…to be continued

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