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Day 489 | Life is a Gift – So what is Living? On ForGiving & Creation

If Life is a Gift, wouldn’t that mean that Living is Giving?

But have a look at the world system (and within that the money system) that we’ve manifested: we are Living a definition of life as ‘getting’ – “what do I get out of it?” is the question everybody asks within themselves.
How do I survive, how do I get ‘more’, how do I ‘increase in value’ – whatever the value(s) may be that one has determined for oneself throughout one’s life in the current system. 
But do we really GIVE to ourselves and each other?
Do we really LIVE the value of LIFE?

How come it is not seen, not lived, not applied, that the value of life is life; that life cannot increase in value by systems of winning and losing, power games of superiority and inferiority, authority and control conflicts, the conflict of interests in essence. 
How can LIFE have a conflict of interests? Are we not all life? Do we not all breathe the same air and share the same requirements for survival? Or are we perhaps not life as such? Are we perhaps just systems within a system, organic robots set to survival mode?
But then – who is winning? Obviously the ‘best’ systems within the system and therefore: the System itself.
Has the system then hijacked life? And who are WE within it all?

So here we are, in a world where life is defined within Getting, Achieving, Gaining, Attaining, Winning – we fly to the moon and we investigate Mars, but what about Earth, this One Planet that sustains us all, this One reality we all share.
And what is there to ‘get’ in this current system? Sure, there is the ‘life security’ money gets you, there is the chances education gets you, there is the benefits that friends in high places get you. So there’s interest to get, there’s influence, there’s status, but not for all.
So is there real power in this world? Or is it just the power to abuse and exploit? And are we not playing the same superiority-inferiority game throughout all levels and aspects of our existence? Are we not letting the same polarity constructs of ‘power’ and ‘value’ rule our internal reality as they rule our external world? What forms your nature, your personalities, your reactions? Did you, yourself, to the minutest detail and timing and in absolute understanding and seeing, make the decision to be who and how you are? And does everyone have the same freedom of choice?

Is our ‘free will’ then merely the freedom to abuse, to exploit, to manipulate – matters in which we become more and more meticulous, in the name of survival? Is this the grand evolution of consciousness? If so, then our consciousness is not equal to life, it is equal to self-interest and separation, it is equal to survival and thus also fear, regardless how we try and veil the truth with shiny colors and mental definitions of benevolence, of love, of charity, as we project alternate realities within which we hide with the motto ‘ignorance is bliss’.
And yet despite all our projections and lovey dovey delusions, the evolution of this consciousness that currently drives our existence has been progressing towards/as evil – in spite of all our ideas of dignity, freedom, and peace.

What have we missed as humanity, when the very defining foundation of our identity – HUMANITY – has been robbed of all content, all meaning, and all value.
The current space time allocation of humanity is certainly a road that leads to an end. Consciousness is peaking, our reality is becoming more and more unpredictable, the system is more and more being exposed and revealed, the illusion that holds everything and everyone ‘in place’ is breaking down and we are facing the manifested consequences, internally and externally, individually and collectively.

The question is – what is it that is going to end? And who is it that decides?
The way I see it is that we are either going to let ‘fate’ and the entire preprogramming ‘take its course’, individually and collectively, which is obviously leading us to self-destruction in which case life will go on without humanity; or we are going to give ourselves the reality as is, with all its systems and all its flaws, get to know it, understand it, and take responsibility – be the ones that make the decision to ‘take course’ and lead ourselves and each other into a reformed existence that is truly worthy of being here as HUMANITY, and one that is no longer a threat to itself.

It’s interesting we do not see the obvious common sense that –
You literally Get what you Give
And thus since none of us is truly giving life, in the name of life, with life as the value; since we have all in one way or another abused, manipulated, deceived ourselves and each-other –
Is it a wonder that our world and existence is the fallacy and atrocity that it is?
And is it not common sense that it is only through forgiveness that we’d ever be able to make a new start, reform our existence, transform our reality;
Have a look at how we always look for someone or something to blame...

ART by Kelly Posey

But what IS forgiveness? What is forgiveness but the absolute insight and understanding, within which one can truly ‘learn a lesson’ and thus then ‘let go’ of that ‘past’, let go of blame, and truly change.
By such application, one would in a similar context in the future be able to live the ‘correction’, the solution, the new direction for creation of the particular point/aspect/relationship/situation.
It’s time we human beings, and our existence as humanity, start to learn from the past = which would imply start to change, practically, physically, for real, in the interest of LIFE – the only way to set the future free and manifest HUMANITY, enabling for ALL a Living world, a real opportunity for ALL to live, express, expand. Then we will be seeing real progress, then we will be seeing the evolution of life and not of the system, the birthing of life into the physical. We’ve got to GIVE it to ourselves, and GIVE it to each-other, we’ve got to GIVE life to BE life. We’ve got to LEARN how to LIVE. We’ve got to self-for-give and let go of our delusions, our fears and hopes, and get real.

I am an Earthling. We are all Earthlings here, on this one planet, breathing the same air. Solutions for our existence are simplistic. All it takes is getting to common sense and GIVING it – LIVING it.
This world is a result of our existence. We are the building blocks of the system. We are what makes up Humanity. We reap what we saw. It is pointless to point fingers. We are all equally responsible. What we CAN do is educate ourselves, remove the veils of the system, and saw a seed of LIFE.
Do you CARE for real?
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