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(486) Day Z | Zero-Point and the Diffusion of Polarity

ART by Matti Freeman

These days I looked at the ‘zero-point’ from an interesting perspective.

I looked at zero-point as the ‘blank-slate’ – the starting-point, the beginning.
But what does that mean?
The answer I found to this question was – I looked at the point of real-time, and saw that, if we human beings walk/apply self-honesty in every moment with every breath, and utilize the tools of self-forgiveness and self-corrective application in real-time, we are literally ‘purifying’ every moment with every breath in real-time, walking/living the actuality of REALITY as we see best;
No more holding on to judgments, to fear, to emotional and mental reactions, to energetic moods and belief-systems; no more making ourselves ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ in our minds, no more blame, no more projections;

Instead: Self-responsibility.

Self-forgiveness being the seeing, realizing, understanding and letting-go of a construct, a system, a belief, a polarity, any lack of common sense or misaligned equilibrium;
Letting-go of the separation, letting-go of the polarity*;
That is the DEATH of the ‘past’, the ‘system’, the ‘status quo’, the polarity world, the power games.

From here, from self-forgiveness of the ‘problem’ (which in this world- and consciousness-system is mostly a matter of a skewed value-system) will emerge the ‘solution’, which is then the re-alignment, the correction, the ‘Placing the Value back into Life’;
thus re-birthing ourselves in that one moment and being the one to give a common sense direction to What Is Here (even if it’s just about correcting/aligning ourselves and our own behavior and participation).
That is the BIRTH of SELF as the FREE WILL to do what’s BEST for LIFE – in self-awareness as life;

Thus in every moment the opportunity of self-determination as to the self-expression / self-movement to be self-willed and lived/shared in a here moment, in real-time.
To LIVE without regret, without limitation, without the ‘past’, the ‘system’, the conditioned consciousness determining the future, because SELF is HERE in awareness as LIFE in every moment with every breath.
Oneness and Equality begins with Self. Self is the origin, even of the current system, the world as we know it.

So, birth and death, death and birth in every moment – facing ourselves in every moment and seizing the moment to make a clear decision about ‘who we are’ to from here give the best possible direction – 

Would that perhaps be the key to ‘transcending death’?

How do we REAL-eyes ourselves as life? How do we make ourselves real beyond our preprogrammed projections, beyond the holographic illusions and skewed value systems of the accepted and conditioned consciousness/system within and without?

We have to literally, breath by breath, moment by moment, walk ourselves out of the patterns of fear and limitation, out of the polarity of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’; and into a living awareness as LIFE, with LIFE as the VALUE, as equality and oneness
To self-realize life, as a LIVING BEING in integrity, a LIVING BEING that is truly here, in consideration of What Is Here as ourselves and each-other and this physical universe that sustains us.

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by Anna Brix Thomsen

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