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Day 488 | What was first, the System or the Human

I agree.
And remember, Profit and Fear are no justifications. In fact, there is no justification for the current state of affairs in our world except perhaps one: the human being cannot be trusted.

Because we exist in tunnel visioned self-interest. Because no self-trust exists, no self-honesty, no integrity, no life awareness - only system awareness, in fear of survival. Because we place value in things other than life which we hold dear as if they were 'more than' life. We seem unable to place ourselves in the shoes of another for real.


The courage to face ourselves and our creation and find practical solutions. The courage to let go of fear and separation. The courage to stand for life and realize common sense. The courage to take responsibility and work together until life is free and the value of life is in fact honored in all ways and all systems.

Let us not give the current system what it's looking for. Let us no longer hold on to fear and separation. Let us also not judge or fight it, but rather understand it as our creation, as the externalization of our nature, our participation, our relationships.
Let us grow beyond our self-interest and expand ourselves as life in common sense. After all, we all breathe the same air and it's the same physical substance that sustains us all. Let's create a world that is like the sun: shining for all equally. 

We are creating the world in every moment with every breath already. See where it got us. So unless we change ourselves and the nature of HUMANITY to be worth its definition, we won't be seeing the change we all wanna see in our world.

We find ourselves as humanity in a peculiar situation - if we look at history we'll see that the system creates the human in such a way that the human recreates the System. 
That means we are born and 'educated' to become systems that keep the System running regardless our 'status' or participation within it.
Which also means that unless we change ourselves, and change the system so that the system create sensible human beings that can be trusted with life - the world will not change.
Obviously to do that we must first understand the system as ourselves, human beings.

We must ask ourselves - where is the authority of the people? Where is the voice of life? Or are we just playing our part in the hierarchy game, caring for nothing but our self-interest as ego?

How stupid are we human beings? Look at our manifested definitions of power, look at our definitions of authority - where is the honor and respect for LIFE within that?

What was first, the System or the Human - This is in fact the question of: who or what creates this world?

What defines the System? Nothing else but the relationships of everything to everything - how we each individually and together live our lives and participate in this world, the invisible 'rules' we follow, the judgments we hold, the separations we submerge ourselves to, what we place value in.
As within, so without. As above, so below.
What are really the 'rules' we have subjected our existence to? 

Why is this question not being investigated in detail in this world?!
It's time to take responsibility as creators of this world / system /reality.

To stop the terrorism that has become our everyday definition of 'life' and 'living' through a world system that places profit before life, investigate and support the Equal Life Foundation and our proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed. Together as life we can transform the current life-exploitation system of profit into a win-win life-support system for Earth, for Mankind, for all of us as LIFE. 


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