Samstag, 30. Januar 2016

579 | Re-igniting my Passion & Daring to Be Myself

Continuing from the previous two posts
A further interesting aspect that opened up within it all has been: daring to be myself.
What does that even mean?
Well for one it’s about how we tend to form and mold our self-image and behavior around our ideas of what is expected of us – who we’re supposed to be.
This brings along things like self suppression, holding self back, or even depression and more physical consequences. Imagine spending your life trying to be something, trying to be someone. This is mostly what life has become. Hardly do we receive or even perceive the opportunity to really get to know ourselves, our nature, our strengths and weaknesses, our interests, our natural talents and skills, or even our roots and history, which whether we like it or not do define us or at least leave a mark in forming 'who we are'.
Daring to be myself has thus a lot to do with opening myself up to the entirety of my life and my life experience and looking at everything, even that which hurts, even regrets and judgments and basically any polarities, and standing in self honesty, so as to be able to determine who I want to be.
But even this ‘who I want to be’ is then based on who I am – who I really am and know I can be, in terms of my full potential as life. So we are not talking about creating an idea or picture in one’s mind here, which one then tries to ‘fulfill’. No. In fact, that is what the entire world system gets us to do already – this is the ‘old way’, the preprogrammed way. Now we need a ‘new program’, a new world, a new way of life, for real. And for all. What we need is Awareness as life – that’s why you’ll hear more and more: “we need to wake up”.
That’s what waking up means. Realizing that: we are here, and we have been asleep; we have been hypnotized and have even become master hypnotizers ourselves, lol, while we keep on playing the game,  the game that we call life.
I take it most will agree that life is not a game, so yes, it’s time to stop the game and redefine life, it’s time to dare get real – individually and collectively.
What is important to you, and why?
What is of importance for humanity on earth?
And could it be the answer to both questions is of similar nature?

And just to round up the point of the word 'Daring'; I use the word simply because I found it takes courage...but especially because I find that we do not even notice how we are 'not ourselves', how we tend to keep ourselves limited or distracted or stuck or holding back...
So, which also brings us back to the word and expression of Passion, because when I am genuine and present in the moment, here, I can be passionate about whatever is relevant in the context of the moment and about expressing and sharing who I am in relation to everything/everyone else involved. I can also be passionate about principles that truly resonate with who I am, which I can then express in my own individualized or unique way, such as truth, integrity, equality, support.

So, even with it being rather about being than daring, the Being itself -to Be, to Live, to be Alive and Awake- does sometimes require some daring, lol, some courage, where we have to move ourselves through layers of conditioning, and push ourselves beyond our accepted limitations.

We're gonna have to do that as Humanity as well- as One, as a collective, as life on earth...

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