Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2015

576 | Self Honesty & Supporting Life Awareness

How would you support yourself to reach a point of self-honesty? What methods will you use? How will you structure your personal support? How would you like to be assisted?
These are some of the questions recently discussed in one of the forums I participate in. This was an opportunity for me to revisit these points and answer these questions for myself, so as to put in words and actualize my own path and tools of self honesty.
I wanted to first revisit my definition of self honesty, which I see as me being honest with myself about what it is I am experiencing and why, as well as both the limitations and potentials within that. Where am I at? Why is that? How am I? What am I? Who am I?

These questions asked in self honesty at any given moment are of great practical support in establishing the actual reality of self. Here obviously to make sure one is not going into positive or negative judgments, making something more or less than it actually is or deferring responsibility.
On this you can also reference my previous post 575 | Redefining (Self-)Judgment into Realizing Potentials
To SEE myself in self honesty I realize that at any given moment I require taking a step back as well as slowing down, and being willing to see whatever is here without judgment, for only then am I able to change it.

I find that self honesty in a way also entails the aspect of self-response-ability as well as the willingness to forgive and expand my view/perspective. Thus also an aspect of awareness is entailed within self honesty – and it would seem that these ‘qualities’ exist together and grow /deepen in relation to one another: self honesty, self responsibility, self forgiveness, and awareness.
The good-old principle of ‘bringing it back to self’ as well as ‘placing myself in the shoes of another’ is of great support within that as well. Here again you can the reader can visit my previous couple of posts where I elaborated on these principles.
Regardless what situation I face, I can ask myself Who am I within that? – to see and/or determine my relationship with the point, as that relationship is what defines my experience.
How can I empower myself and others equally? This is, I find, yet another question self can ask to assist oneself in seeing the potentials as solutions entailed within any ‘problem’.
Another question I find supportive here is: What is my motive? In other words, what is driving me and my actions/behavior or thoughts/words? What am I looking for? Am I trying to get a certain reward? Am I trying to prove something (to myself or others)?
What I’ve realized is that whenever we do something to get something, even if that’s ‘only’ some kind of experience, we keep ourselves from being unconditional in our expression. Some example to which most people can relate to would be for instance acceptance, recognition, self-importance, etc.
So these are some of the guidelines I’ve been utilizing to support myself in terms of self honesty, and obviously I am always open to further my tool box, so it’s great to see that more and more people are getting to self honesty and practical common sense as well as sharing themselves, so that we can all learn from and with each other.

I like to think that every person I come across is a part of me, showing me a part of me – thus any reactions coming up within me are merely indicating points within myself that I haven’t yet shed light onto, and so I can take such instances as opportunities to get to know myself better/deeper and expand my awareness.
I find that I like and appreciate being assisted to see and realize that which I do not yet see and realize.
More pairs of eyes/ears see and hear more than only one pair of eyes/ears, which is why I find mutual support to be of great importance and support. Each one must stand alone in self honesty, however we need not walk alone – we can walk together and assist and support each other to accelerate our processes and expand/deepen our understanding and awareness.
We can definitely utilize the relationships we have formed in our lives as a platform to support ourselves and each other in that process.

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