Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

575 | Redefining (Self-)Judgment into Realizing Potentials

Recently I worked with redefining self-judgment into the opportunity of taking that judgment point and turning it around into the gift of self realization, where I can see the essence and reason of the judgment point by asking myself what it is really showing me about myself in terms of potentials and limitations; where I can say enough is enough and make the decision to no longer limit myself (or others) and thus get myself to a point of change and transformation that will support me (and others) -
by choosing to live in awareness, stopping the accepted limitation patterns/beliefs or destructive habits/behaviors, and moving myself and my living toward the potential I see I can realize as a being (...and supporting others to do the same).

The same approach can be applied to judgment when it comes to things/behaviors outside of ourselves: where judgment can thus be redefined into a discernment of what is cool i.e. supportive for Life's potentials, and what is not cool i.e. not supportive of Life.

So from that perspective we can see that judgment (not the emotional type that’s based on likes and dislikes and thus conditioned reactions) is something we all require to have/ develop as the ability to see right from wrong (again, not as a mental polarity but in practical terms of what is in fact acceptable and what is not acceptable when it comes to LIFE).

It’s interesting that we all tend to fear judgment – we fear being judged by others, and yet we in our minds judge others AND ourselves most of the times; where we come to believe and be blinded by our own opinions and fight for our limitations, while we like to be perceived as non-judgmental –
So we will often even try and hide /suppress /deny our own (self-)judgments in the depths of our mind, but again this only results into perpetuating the limitations we accept and allow within ourselves and our world; when in fact clear judgment based on the common sense of what is best for life can be something that supports us in seeing what is cool/ constructive and thus can/must be supported and cultivated/developed, and what not.

Right and wrong are things children and parents tend to struggle with, I'm sure we’ve all had this experience... and we can all recall conflicts that arose out of disagreement about ‘what is right’.
But what about the simplistic, practical common sense through which we KNOW what is right and what is wrong, for example we KNOW how it is wrong, in the face of Life, to do unto another what we wouldn’t like others to do unto us.

In terms of realizing potentials, it makes sense to turn judgments into gifts, where we can take the opportunity – whenever a form of judgment comes up within self, and after investigating, understanding and letting go of the emotional attachments connected to the particular judgment point – to see the actual point, the truth of the matter and the realization that unfolds from there, to then in clarity make decisions, based on CLEAR judgment of whether that point (whatever it is) is good or bad i.e. supportive or destructive when it comes to LIFE -which is something we all are equally part of-, and whether and how a change can be brought forth.

Whenever we allow emotional judgment (whether positive or negative) to cloud our mind and our decisions and choices, we have an equally clouded view of the consequences we are creating i.e. the outflows and future playouts that will unfold – for any and all decisions and choices we make, now matter how small or big, always unfold into a sequence of outflows in space-time.

How cool would it be if we, in every moment, were set out to realize potentials -both for ourselves and everyone involved in any given situation-, rather than holding on to judgments that only limit us and everyone else around us.
We are all able to make it a point in our practical living to practice turning judgments into the gift of realizing potentials and thus BE that agent of CHANGE that we all want to see in our world!

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