Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

577 | Re-igniting my Passion & Making Decisions

I made an interesting discovery within this past year.
I’ve had to make several important decisions and I have learned a lot. It’s been interesting and it’s been tough, especially with things moving faster, as our reality accelerates. It’s as if time had been compounding, and all the various aspects and dimensions of my life been opening up for me to face, understand, deal with and direct.
Reigniting my passion had come along with an interesting process that I’d been walking, namely that of having to make some important decisions on several different matters.
What I found was that the severity of the decisions pushed me to self honesty. Severity meaning, I could see that my decisions, whatever they would be, would have a considerable outflow/consequence for my future.
This is a good time to be reminded of the definition / nature of what consequence is: and that is simply the outflow and playout of decisions we make. Therefore it is good to be aware of who we are in every moment, as even the small decisions we make in moments define us, and have accumulative outflows.
What we create is who we are. We always face ourselves. Which is where lies both the tragedy and the hope, lol, that is – both the problem and the solution. I hate to say it but here we are again with the chicken and egg question.
Life continues with or without us. Will we be consciousness machines that follow a preprogrammed path to self destruction – or will we be living beings that birth themselves and a new world from the physical, from that which is here as accepted and allowed – into an existence of truth, of empowerment, of cooperation, of transparency, of respect and support, of freedom and peace, of LIFE.
It is not life evolving through us, it is us reconnecting to life as the one creative force we all have in common.
Start with the air we breathe, the earth we walk on, the food we eat; the relationships we entertain, the people in our lives, the environment we live in.
Start with yourself, in asking yourself the question: WHY am I doing what I’m doing? What is my passion in life? Is it something that supports and enhances not only my life but also that of others? Is it something that opens doors, encourages reflection, ignites insight? Is it something I do because it’s who I am?
If yes – excellent – you are walking your life in real-time, contributing in real space-time to the betterment of life on earth. Reach out and share yourself – you are the gift you carry with you wherever you go.
If not  – you know you are not at ease, you aren’t living your full potential, you haven’t yet truly arrived: at your ground level, yourself.
Don’t step into the trap when the mind tempts you into self-judgment. Rather embrace it in self honesty, and pick yourself up right where you’re at.
You will find that in doing so, you support yourself to ask the real questions, and to see the real answers. The real answers meaning: the ones coming from the truth of yourself, in terms of; why I’m doing what I’m doing – or it could be: why I’m not doing what I know I should be doing.
Whenever it comes to making decisions, I’ve learned to ask myself: From what starting-point am I making this decision? And in terms of clearing/clarifying your starting-point you can ask questions like: ‘what’ is making my decision? What is my decision based on? Do I think/feel that when making this decision I will be a ‘good person’ or be ‘doing the right thing’? Am I making this decision to not disappoint “others”? Am I making this decision because I fear making another decision? These are some examples of what you can come up with in terms of getting to that honesty with yourself that will allow you to make ‘best decisions’ based on seeing the whole picture and being able to take everything/everyone into consideration.
I will continue in my next post and share more about the point of PASSION

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