Donnerstag, 12. November 2015

571 | Overprotectiveness & Self Responsibility - Part 3

Continuing from part 1 and part 2, here I want to elaborate on an aspect that shows the polarity construct well, and that is relationships.

I have observed that I am quite protective toward my partner, and have actually asked myself why. I was speaking self forgiveness in the shower opening up the construct of overprotectiveness, when the following opened up:

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that, in consciousness system terms, accessing overprotectiveness toward someone/something comes from self neglect, and indicates thus a point of deferring self responsibility.

So what I could see was that while being (over)protective is apparently defined by a ‘positive’ charge, the other side of the construct is based in fear/inferiority and has a ‘negative’ charge; both points are not real as such, though made real through belief and acceptance –
 yet what the construct reveals in essence is a point of deferring self responsibility.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to defer my self responsibility to something/someone outside of myself, and to then become overprotective of them.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see that accessing and going into overprotectiveness is a mechanism of the mind consciousness to ‘justify’ deferring self responsibility.

Therefore I commit myself to stick to self responsibility and bring the qualities and principles I had attached to “others” back to myself, to take responsibility for and LIVE.

To make the point more elaborate, let’s look at the relationship context again and how the construct exists:
Becoming overprotective because the “other” is now such an important point, ‘all my hopes and dreams rest upon them’ type of thing. And here is exactly where it can be seen how the point of self-responsibility is being neglected and deferred.

So for me, I am at a point where I see the necessity to stop self neglect and assist and support myself to take absolute self responsibility by bringing back to ME HERE all these ‘sacred’ qualities of Trust, Value (value is an interesting word that has many applications; here for instance, how do you value another or yourself: through respect, honor, regard, consideration; these would be some of the words describing the practical living of the word value. In  absolute terms I subscribe to one simple statement: Value Life) –
so, back to the point, bringing back to ME HERE the Trust, the Value / Principle, the Purpose and the Path; and Standing Alone on my own two feet to determine ‘my place in the world’ – which is also not (and shouldn’t be) something fixed or absolute, as this is indeed rather an organic process.

So in essence: making the decisions and taking the direction that is aligned with who I am and what I stand for – standing in self trust and living self responsibility.

Obviously it is not what I do that will define me but rather what principles, qualities and values I live, how I interact with people in my world on a daily basis, who I am within myself in every moment – our living application is always our truth.

Facing our truth and taking absolute self responsibility [which doesn’t imply walking one’s life alone; it simply implies realizing responsibility for one’s own creation i.e. life] requires self honesty – the courage to be honest with oneself about the Why, the What, and the How. Working together with others yet not attaching attributes to them in separation of myself; rather, assisting and supporting both my and others to live and interact and participate in our world based on true values and principles that are best for life –


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