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570 | Overprotectiveness & Self Responsibility - Part 2

I'm continuing from my previous post.

We meet new people, new groups, new projects all the time. Our paths cross as we attract to each other based on resonant patterns, a likeness of mind, out of which we have the opportunity to work together and also to learn something more about ourselves.

My relationships with people and groups in my life have not been too many, as I have been a rather introverted individual, enjoying spending time with myself, my interests, writings, hobbies etc. I had been more on an inner path throughout my life rather than an external career path for example.

In my relationships however, i.e. the time and space I allocated and did share with others, I always valued the qualities of trust and transparency and expected these values to be lived and applied equally. When trust or transparency seemed threatened I’d tend to go into overprotectiveness, trying to ‘save’ the situation; instead of reevaluating the relationship, as that would be a point of self responsibility.

Obviously the value of my life and the purpose I give myself cannot be determined by any outside force. And yes, I will find people who share my values and yes I will be part of groups and projects, however it is up to me to measure and assess and evaluate in space time whether others in my life align/resonate with me.

What opens up for me in self honesty is the following: it’s not I that require to align myself to others – rather it’s about aligning myself to my own values. And indeed, there are no “others”. Meaning, the “others” in my life are always an extension of me, a resonance of me. And therefore, when “others” in my life ‘disappoint’, where I feel my trust is broken or where I access overprotectiveness, I can instead take the point back to self and take self responsibility.

And here I could see that there were times where I did not trust myself to stand by my perspective, by what I see and why this is what I see. Instead, I had accepted that others are more valid – and that comes from attaching the points of trust, value, purpose and path to something in separation from myself.

Therefore I commit myself to trust myself and to not fear standing by my self honesty.

I commit myself to not blindly accept another’s opinion or plan as valid just because they tell me they know better or just because I had ‘assigned’ that person/group/project the ‘authority’ to hold the values, to hold the purpose, to hold the path –

Therefore I am committed to self responsibility and to reassessing and redefining my values, my purpose and my path, to be more clear and more practical in walking my journey in this one life on earth.

I commit myself to live who I am as a living being, equal to and one with the value of life, and to embrace and apply self trust and self worth, realizing that I am the only one that can GIVE that to myself.

I will continue in my next post with further deconstructing the construct of overprotectiveness.

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