Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

556 | What is your Life’s Authority?

I find this to be a cool exercise to initiate for oneself – to question what in your life you actually fear questioning or avoid/resist questioning, or don’t even THINK of questioning – THAT has authority over you.

So – while most will be able to look around them and find such examples of authority ‘out there’, rarely will one consider looking INSIDE – ‘in here’ – to look at what exists and how it exists in the mind, be it thoughts, perceptions, emotions, beliefs, self-definitions or definitions about the world, all kinds of pictures, ideas, ‘ideals’, etc. which, if someone were to challenge you to question, you would absolutely resist/avoid questioning!

So there we have it – Mind Control is an inside job. And all those ‘things’ inside of you are not even YOURS to begin with. They were not there when you were born! They were imprinted unto you as you started ‘entering the system’ and ‘embracing the matrix’ of what we have accepted as our world and the ‘way things are’, of what we have allowed life to be and become. All the things that tell you who you are and how you are, determine (through your acceptance) what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot be, what and how the world is, etc. THAT is it then – the Authority in our individual realities, as well as our collective reality as this world.

The system within – the system without.

Investigate the ‘principles’ these two systems function on, and you’ll find it’s the same games, the same equations, the same ‘stuff’ that makes up the ‘rules’ that keep life enslaved – within and without. What really is it that RULES?

We have not be the Authors of life on earth, not even our own.
We have not been Shepherds, but merely sheep in our own minds.

We have existed in the consequential realities created through our acceptance and allowance. Yet the times are changing, and our Awareness as Life is emerging. We have started awakening – to our Truth.
This emergence comes along with an interesting realization – the point of Responsibility, or Response-Ability.

But that too has been a process. In the ‘search for truth’, some wanted to find Beauty and so they’d see only beautiful things and be blinded by the ‘light’ and called themselves Enlightened. Others again wanted to ‘ascend’ even further. Others got stuck in dark places and remained in fear. The human mind, split into polarities, got more and more fragmented, the human being more and more disempowered. Integrity and Dignity are, though of the most substantial elements in the definition of Humanity, scarce. I dare say that is in fact the biggest scarcity we have manifested.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met people in my life to challenge my accepted limitations and perceptions of reality.
Since I got involved with the Desteni group I met many people like myself that are taking responsibility and getting to an understanding of WHAT IS HERE, as our creation, our responsibility, our legacy as humanity and human beings on earth, in this life.

We must get to an understanding of how our creation came to be as this world; and how our individual creations as our lives are created. And within that we need to question: Where has our awareness been? What is the Authority in our decisions?

This system, within and without, has become so automated, that humanity seemed powerless against it for a long time.

Yes we are lacking substantial education and unbiased information, we are lacking a direct and clear view at reality that would enable us to “put two and two together” and do the math.
...It’s time to life the veils.
It’s already visible, however, that we are awakening to the reality of what is here, and our awareness is emerging as the realization of our interconnectedness as life, of our responsibility, and of that which it all comes down to – that is us, human beings. Who I will be within myself and within the whole; and who each one will be; and who we will be together as HUMANITY.

It’s up to me, it’s up to you.

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