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555 | "The Briefcase" – The Devil in Disguise?

My previous discussion (Sensationalism and emotional maturity) was in part 'inspired' by a new reality show called “The Briefcase” ...

Each episode features two middle class families struggling with their finances. Each family is given a briefcase with 100 thousand dollars in it and are told that “They have a decision to make”. They can keep all of the money.  Give part of it away. Or give all of it away to the other family that is also struggling. Though neither family knows that the other one was also given a brief case and has to make the same decision.

Watch it or read about, the show serves all clichées and plays on sensationalism and emotional stimulation addiction, but it does also show/reveal the false dilemmas which the world/money-system and its 'way of life'-systems serve us constantly, in all aspects of life...
I mean it's time to ask ourselves what drives our decisions and choices - who are we really in this life?

We are so used to the fact that emotional stimulation on TV is used to veil the real issues /deeper issues we’re facing – and yet it seems emotional stimulation is addictive…
The show The Briefcase shows this quite intensely, and we can start seeing clearly that these/such conditions and emotional roller-coasters mostly exist due to the accepted systems and how we've defined life/living.
I mean, wouldn’t all agree it would be awesome to change the system to no longer be a casino - but real support for real life, sustainably so!

We can actually also use constructive comparison of effects in the case of 'The Briefcase' and in cases where a basic income on a regular basis is guaranteed - to look at what is different in the approaches and basically help people ask the question: how would my life be different if I weren't 'stuck in the system'? What would I do? And what can I do differently NOW, seeing that most are 'stuck' in system conditions?

Here is an excellent little documentary showing several social experiments with a Basic Income around the world: Money for free

So, we need to see beyond ‘The Briefcase’ and rather look at what changes in the system we have to implement to make of financial stability a reality, not a tv show…

Being that ‘human nature’ was manufactured over generations through ‘public relations’ and the ‘fabrication of consent’ – the indoctrination called ‘education’ mainly – it’s no wonder we are sitting here today with what we call the ‘Human Condition’ and hardly understand what it is that we’re facing…
However, awareness is emerging more and more, and indeed we are able to together and individually strengthen our awareness and make sure we take responsibility for what will be created as 'the future' – which is indeed OUR future!
So – the solution: work together – learn together – share – support…

Looking again at the Show, what I’ve noticed is how the couples both said that they got 'closer' through the challenges placed before them as they had to discuss such big, even though BASIC, matters...
It seems then that we accept for ourselves less than 100% clarity and direction in our lives, also in our relationships, we 'forget to communicate' about what really matters...
And so often something 'traumatic' must happen for us to really take those reigns in the hand and see the best solutions possible, or new options even…

So this then showing how deeply MONEY affects our relationships in this world, much more than we realize or readily admit…
and how we tend to lost communication in our relationships unless 'the house is on fire'!

Another point that I see must be addressed is how our Decisions are 'made' by our financial situations, by the level of our communication in our relationships, by the level of our own self honesty, etc. etc. In the show we witness how ‘difficult’ it is to make a decision – they can keep all of the money; give part of it away; or give all of it to another family that is also struggling –

and this dilemma is served as ‘real’, when it is in fact a false dilemma, as are many of the dilemmas we are confronted with in the current system…
A false dilemma because it’s in no way question the SYSTEM that allows for such dilemma to be raised in the first place, as if that’s just the way things are…!
And then we can blame the money and the system ‘out there’ and this then perpetuates our fuzzy logic of self-interest… And this self-interest can take absurd expressions even, like in Episode 1 where the husband decides to give all of it away and wouldn’t place his own family as priority when it comes to support through money. He might have thought to himself that this is ‘altruistic’, but in fact it’s just a mind-set, it’s just a personality, it’s the want/need/desire to be seen as a ‘good person’ or ‘do the right thing’: self-interest.

So all that ‘feeling sorry for’ and stuff like that – that’s all just programmed reactions of consciousness where in our minds we can then ‘feel better’ about ourselves, because if we ‘feel sorry for others’ then that must mean we are a ‘good person’, so what else is there – we leave it at that.

Let's not remain 'content' with merely 'feeling compassion' when news touch on our sensation of humanity - the truth of humanity and what we have become is seen in the mechanics and relationships that form the whole. the system. what kind of system are we accepting and allowing?

Let's work together in all possible ways to support a real evolution and awakening of ourselves as living species of LIFE that will create a new system where such emotional overwhelmed-ness need not exist, as flow and self expression and exploring potentials / contributing / participating in society/neighborhood, discovering and forming our world - into an outcome that will be best for all, best for LIFE

For proposals to stop the survival games and to start creating systems that support LIFE so that we can ALL LIVE >>> Equal Life Foundation

The proposals can be adopted by any party / government / municipality / country / group of people - where the starting-point and implementation processes can be set by each according to the socioeconomic and systematic/environmental conditions of the area.

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