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557 | Taking back Authority - Step 1 Self Forgiveness

I’m continuing here from my previous blog post (556 | What is your Life’s Authority)

<< So – while most will be able to look around them and find such examples of authority ‘out there’, rarely will one consider looking INSIDE – ‘in here’ – to look at what exists and how it exists in the mind, be it thoughts, perceptions, emotions, beliefs, self-definitions or definitions about the world, all kinds of pictures, ideas, ‘ideals’, etc. which, if someone were to challenge you to question, you would absolutely resist/avoid questioning! So there we have it – Mind Control is an inside job. And all those ‘things’ inside of you are not even YOURS to begin with. They were not there when you were born! They were imprinted unto you as you started ‘entering the system’ and ‘embracing the matrix’ of what we have accepted as our world and the ‘way things are’, of what we have allowed life to be and become. All the things that tell you who you are and how you are, determine (through your acceptance) what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot be, what and how the world is, etc. THAT is it then – the Authority in our individual realities, as well as our collective reality as this world.

The system within – the system without. Investigate the ‘principles’ these two systems function on, and you’ll find it’s the same games, the same equations, the same ‘stuff’ that makes up the ‘rules’ that keep life enslaved – within and without. What really is it that RULES?

We have not be the Authors of life on earth, not even our own.
We have not been Shepherds, but merely sheep in our own minds >>

At this point I’d like to take this opportunity to share some perspective on forgiveness and particularly self forgiveness – as I've found the process of self forgiveness to be a process of self realization as Self authority; where I can be the Author of Me.

In my process I've come to see how thoughts and emotions and my interpretation and perception of things, the world, even myself have been the AUTHOR of my life experience –
where I had felt like a victim to something always, to the world, my culture, circumstances – I felt powerless to live life as I would like to, hopeless in how I saw myself and the world, as if I had no say in HOW I experience myself.

Obviously this wasn’t a cool experience and I’m sure there’s many people out there experiencing themselves in a similar disempowerment. If you can relate to this, what you need to understand and come to terms with is that you are the one that’s been involved with this experience intimately, it exists as it exists primarily due to the nature of the relationship you’ve developed toward it – how YOU related to all points, and how the decisions were made about WHO YOU WILL BE in this relation.

So – once I realized this, I also realized that I was part of the problem and was thus involved in (re-)creating the problem, which also meant that I was part of the solution! And that if I was to change, things were going to change around me.
This obviously doesn’t mean that everything would start going ‘my way’, but at least I could change who I am, how I stand, and how I participate in, say, similar moments / situations in the future. More than that, it meant seeing my life in a new light and developing a new standing within myself – which did make my life a bit easier.

That’s why I want to share with you – why and how I was able to start changing that in self forgiveness.

What I’d like to share here is my perspective of the power of Self Forgiveness (and notice the two words in Self Forgiveness are equally accentuated).

So it’s not that Forgiveness has the power to change you, no, it’s Self forgiveness – meaning: the power must come from you – you are the power.
I find most interesting that the true power of self as life begins at the point of forgiveness, meaning where I within myself stand-up and take responsibility for a moment, an experience, a reaction, a thought, or whatever it is I’m facing at any given moment as ‘friction’ – to not judge it, to not polarize, to look at it for what it is, to understand it and understand what is required to move the point to an equilibrium, and thus I take responsibility for the point as myself.

Self forgiveness is where I give myself the permission to stop following the old scripts and allow myself to be and become the Author of Myself, and thus the creator of Myself in Awareness;

Self forgiveness is where I in a moment release myself from being a puppet of the system/consciousness (my personal/accepted limitations and societal/cultural programming) trapped in energy (positive-negative polarity experiences as emotional-/mental-reactions activating as triggered or otherwise conditioned) –

and so self forgiveness is where I agree within myself to let go of whatever it is I'm holding onto as 'value' or as something I want 'proven right' or as a fear or an expectation or a desire –
anything, any energy/mood/state/projection that's keeping me 'trapped' in a mental moment that is not HERE, where I'm trapped in the feeling/emotion I'm holding onto, where I am not the directive principle of my experience, where I am not the direct creator of myself in that moment, but through what I accept and allow; where I'm not taking everything into consideration, where I don't see the whole picture because I'm busy holding onto this 'one' point as it's all I see while I'm 'in it', - but it's so limited, thus limiting; and so I take a breath and  move myself out of the energy/mind and I let it go.

So self forgiveness is where I breathe and ground myself as I realize the above, and where I can see and appreciate that indeed I breathe here and thus I am here, that I can have a say if I give myself a voice, and so I speak, and as I speak self forgiveness and live self forgiveness – I forgive myself the limitation I had accepted/allowed about/within me or my life or my world; and I Give myself the Gift of Being Here, where I can make the decision to live the full potential of who I really am as life in any given moment; and in that moment of self forgiveness I embrace Life as myself and Give life to myself to be and live the true potential I can be as a living being;

Self forgiveness is where I remove the weeds or parasites from what has grown in the garden of my mind-body-being relationship throughout time, and water within myself the seed of life from which I as a living being in awareness grow and expand – doing/living what's best for me, and so what's best for life - and as I grow and expand as LIFE, equally I support LIFE around me.

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