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559 | Who We Are as Words – How can we Forget!

What an interesting word: FORGET...

We all think we know what the word means because it’s one of the first words we learn as children, the latest in the first grade at school…
But let’s have a look whether we truly grasp or even question the meaning of a simple word like this

Old English forgietan "lose the power of recalling to the mind; fail to remember; neglect inadvertently," from for-, used here probably with privative force, "away, amiss, opposite" + gietan "to grasp" (see get). To "un-get," hence "to lose" from the mind. A common Germanic construction (compare Old Saxon fargetan, Old Frisian forjeta, Dutch vergeten, Old High German firgezzan, German vergessen "to forget"). The physical sense would be "to lose (one's) grip on" but that is not recorded in any historical Germanic language. Figurative sense of "lose care for" is from late 13c. Related: Forgetting; forgot; forgotten.

I have highlighted some interesting dimensions of the words in the above definitions, and even by simply looking at the word and hearing how it sounds, a fascinating insight opens up: 

For-Get  …it’s there for the getting

So, when we think we forget something, has it magically vanished? Does anything ever get lost? Or is our ‘forgetting’ purely consequential – resulting from suppression, denial, ignorance, a lack of awareness?

To answer this question, it’s worth looking at the antonym of the word FORGET, which is to REMEMBER.
Another simple word that we use automatically, but let’s break it down:


…suddenly that which we had ‘forgotten’ becomes once again a member of our mind, it’s ‘back’ in our awareness. It was ‘lost’ and now it’s ‘found’, but did really ‘go’ anywhere?
Or is it that we had veiled its existence through suppression, ignorance, denial, procrastination, and the like...

Have you ever considered re-calling and re-membering past memories for instance? And have you done so with directive will and a clear mind? Then you’d know that we are in fact always able to re-member everything that we have been through, for it is part of us, we had made it a ‘member’ of ourselves through our participation, whatever that participation might have looked like.

It’s interesting that the real meaning of the word FORGET seems to be in reverse; where that which we ‘forgot’ is not truly lost, on the contrary: it’s here for the getting – but do we get it?

So I wanted to share this little realization for anyone interested in questioning the things we take for granted. And I’d really like to commend to the interested reader to start investigating words, and questioning the definitions we’d taken for granted.

In this context I’ll also refer to my previous blog post 558 | Who We Are as Words – Taking back Authority where I elaborated on the relationship between Self-Authority (being the author of oneself/one’s life/experience) and WORDS.

Even looking at the word AUTHORITY now, you can check for yourself: what reaction/experiences come up within you in relation to this word? Look at the connotations, associations, and energy movements that come up when you read, hear or speak this word. 

You could further look at what other words exist with the same root /in the same category:
Authority, authoritative, author, authorize, unauthorized, authorization, authorship, authoring, authentic, authenticity, authenticate…

Now have a look at each one and you will find different energetic movements coming up within you – indicating the charge (positive/negative) you had accepted the word to be charged as, relating to other words as connotations or associations or to memories from the past – all of which distort the word in its real meaning or its potential as a living word.

From the mentioned post:
<<The negatively and positively charged energies that we experience and leave ourselves to the mercy of – are all based on how WORDS as meanings are perceived and interpreted, in short: reacted upon, and this reaction (mostly automatic in nature itself) determines the relationships and associations we create, and those are systematically either of superiority or inferiority. This polarity can be looked at as the main polarity of the entire system (within and without), where things and life/living are determined in terms of superior/inferior, right/wrong, more/less, good/evil, etc.

When words are integrated and embodied with energetic polarity charges, we’re looking at twofold consequences: 
one is that we are no longer able to explore a word / an expression to its full potential, and obviously we then also remain incapacitated from understanding the pure definition of a word and looking at it for what it is.
Both these consequence dimensions involve bias and this places us in fact into an inferior position compared to the utmost potential we could be living if we were grounded in reality with a truly free spirit of mind>>

Now even the simple words ForGet and ReMember illustrate this polarity – two sides of the same coin...
So why do we mostly only see/perceive half the story...?!

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