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558 | Who we are as Words – Taking back Authority step 2

Continuing from my previous posts

An interesting point I’d like to open up here is the point of WORDS, as I’ve seen it showing itself within these previous posts dsicussing Authority, Empowerment, Self Forgiveness.

<<I've found the process of self forgiveness to be a process of self realization as Self authority; where I can be the Author of Me.>>

In the Beginning was the Word … But what does this mean, and how is this so?

If we look at what starts to define a child’s experience as it integrates into this world – it is the words as symbols as information and ultimately as judgment, that are impulse and imprinted unto the child’s mind and through that its psyche.

A problem we are facing in what has become the human condition of ‘human nature’, we predominantly speak words that are charged with what we call ‘emotions and feelings’. Emotions as the negative energetic experiences and feelings as the positive. All the while these experiences are themselves preprogrammed designed and in-formed ‘entities’ as personalities, fears, desires, self-image and other definitions (again: Words) that the parents were impulsed and imprinted with by a system designed to create human slaves prone to control and manipulation.

And so you’ll find for instance that ‘emotions and feelings’ is what both the parent and the child will use to manipulate one another or to manipulate reality to ‘fit’ the conditioned mind/personality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t feel anything – but I do believe the human being has currently still got a long way to go when it comes to REAL feeling as life, real feeling as a physical human being, in awareness of life as a whole and the realization of its interdependence with everything that is here.

The negatively and positively charged energies that we experience and leave ourselves to the mercy of – are all based on how WORDS as meanings are perceived and interpreted, in short: reacted upon, and this reaction (mostly automatic in nature itself) determines the relationships and associations we create, and those are systematically either of superiority or inferiority. This polarity can be looked at as the main polarity of the entire system (within and without), where things and life/living are determined in terms of superior/inferior, right/wrong, more/less, good/evil, etc.

When words are integrated and embodied with energetic polarity charges, we’re looking at twofold consequences: 
one is that we are no longer able to explore a word / an expression to its full potential, and obviously we then also remain incapacitated from understanding the pure definition of a word and looking at it for what it is.
Both these consequence dimensions involve bias and this places us in fact into an inferior position compared to the utmost potential we could be living if we were grounded in reality with a truly free spirit of mind.

So is the Superiority/Inferiority complex or polarity-system that defines and determines human existence justified? In a way yes, because we have accepted and allowed our full potential as humanity, as living beings, to be incapacitated and manipulated into power games that do not honor LIFE – the life that exists in each one as we breathe the same air, under the same sky, in the same atmosphere of ut-most-fear…

This is the human condition. And we are all responsible.

So this brings me to step 2 of Taking back Authority –
the self authority we had abdicated to systematic structures that have clearly not been what’s best for LIFE, as WORDS of judgment and polarization, WORDS separated from our source as life, WORDS we accept and allow to define our self and other people and to form our perceptions of our world.

What we need is for WORDS to be ‘purified’ to their source and purpose – as expressions of life – not as forms of perception manipulation.
Both within – where we then no longer exist in inner conflict and friction;
And without – where we can finally come to a mutual common sense agreement of what Life on Earth can be.

Obviously we cannot as life on earth reach our full potential, if that full potential isn't realized individually at a personal level.

To be able to see and recognize that – SELF HONESTY is required.

Self Honesty to realize and understand what self has been existing as and where all that is coming from; and also Self Honesty to see and acknowledge our full potential as everything that we can be and live, once we stop our acceptances and allowances, stop the abdication of responsibility, forgive the separation of ourselves that we had accepted and allowed – and take back our power to stand as the authority of who we really are.

In Self Honesty we also must see to it that our Words are expressions of ourselves as living beings – and in fact we can work with and use Words deliberately and purposefully in our processes of Change/transformation. Not as the wishful thinking of positive affirmations, but as our living Will, Clarity and Commitment to what we see is possible; to bring our self, our life, and Life on Earth as a whole to the most dignified, magnificent, and enjoyable manifestation it can be!

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