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541 | Breaking the Set & Questioning our Acceptances

I was watching the last episode with Abby Martin ‘breaking the set’ – and I couldn’t help looking at it in the light of the evolution process of HUMANITY, as we move from consciousness to AWARENESS.

“It's a long distance run - not a sprint!” Said Eugene Puryear about effective activism (and essentially the evolution of our awareness and human society), when talking to Abby Martin who in this last episode reminds us: "Being the change that we want to see - that's all we can ever do!" 

Oneness & Equality in the words of Abby Martin: "We are one human family living on one organism" – Yep! When that organism as life is whole, sound, vital and ecstatic in expression of tis utmost potential - then, Abby, we can at last stop breaking the set ;) and LIVE!
...But let's not form absolute projections here, for even while 'breaking the set' we LIVE as 'life emerging', every breath here. Every breath counts, it's how we create. Make every moment matter, make it count as a +1 in the evolution of Humanity.

Let’s look at the definition of Consciousness for a moment, for a lot has been done with words that has formed a perception of reality that stands in the way of self realization - the realization of what we have become and what we are creating - the habits that inhabit us and the PATTERNS of this existence.
Yep, patterns. It's all about patterns. Look at any life from the point of birth and you will see life awareness and creative beingness slowly but surely being captured and imprinted by a SYSTEM. In the image and likeness of the systems, each life develops its own patterns.
Patterns are not bad as such. It is the inFORMation that a pattern carries, expresses, and creates that should concern us. A system consists of interactions of information as patterns. These patterns can be constructive and best-for-all or they can be destructive, which is in the case of our manifested world where the 1% control and exploit the 99%. Of LIFE, mind you.
Now let's look at the word CREATION: we always create who we are. A Creation is always equal to and one with its Creator and the process of Creating/Created. We are now both the chicken AND the egg with the most magnificent challenge before us, as ourselves: How to transform the destructive 'old' patterns into new constructive ways of life that in all ways honor LIFE as who we all really are.

It's not a sprint, but let's speed up our process through Awareness  - for every breath counts.
Awareness - some call it 'mindfulness', but what else does that imply than the task at hand: to occupy our mind - Be Here. Redefining mind-full-ness: transforming self from system-driven, perception-separated consciousness systems into living beings in Awareness, beings that CARE.

Let's go back to the definition of consciousness.
Consciousness has been deified and it has been demonized. Consciousness as a world system is fear-based. Consciousness as our mind system is conditioned to be so too. The mind however can be a tool, it is a part of ourselves that we can embrace and transform, through common sense and unbiased investigation, through self honesty and forgiveness, through self responsibility and respect for life.

We can look at consciousness as the 'old' program that became automated and exists through/as us without our awareness, yet through our acceptance/allowance, taking over existence through a polarity equation manifested as the money-system (and all systems of our world: in each one you will find the seed of separation, separating self as life from being an empowered, self-willed creator in awareness) –
and we can look at AWARENESS as that spark of life that exists within each one, as the seed to one's utmost potential as life.

Systems create systems. Life creates life.

What IS life? Life is interconnectedness, life is perfection, life is symbiosis and synergy, life is 'highest' potential of our manifested reality. Life is abundance and expression. Creation and Flow.
We are not Life - yet. That which is Life is Here in Awareness, always, and life and death as we know it does not change its beingness. This need not be perceived metaphysically. Consider the infinite dimensions and potentials of our physical universe that we could be exploring, were it not for the veils of the systems within and without.

We've got a long way to go, HUMANITY, individually and collectively –
But the time is here and the spark of life is becoming visible, as people standing-up and standing together to work toward a better future for all, a future that places life as the highest value, equal in all.

The spark of life is in each one – and each one has the responsibility to sustain it, to nurture it, to embrace it as self and allow it to grow, explore, expand, and be part of LIFE, facilitating life to its utmost potential!

This is the evolution process of HUMANITY, as we move from consciousness to AWARENESS as LIFE.


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